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Top oil and gas companies in usa

The Emergence Of The Oil And Gas Companies In The USA

The emergence of the oil and gas companies in the USA

The Petroleum industry has proven its worth for more than two centuries, acting as a pioneer in helping to stabilize the crashing economy of the USA back in the 1900s. This conventionally puts them in a significant position as one of the dominating industry trailblazers of the country. With a total estimated market value worth $737 Billion in the country, also banks on and have employed 149,000 working professionals.

  • As per the source of World Energy Council, the US acquires the highest count of recoverable unconventional gas worth 1,161 trillion in the world.
  • Texas, Louisiana, and California contribute over half 50% of all refinery operations in the United States.
  • The United States has 190,000 miles of oil pipelines.

The momentous growth in the petroleum industry progressively paved the wave for the multiple corporations in the country. The process which majorly every oil and gas company initially follows commences with the discovery, extraction, and commercialization of gas and oil resources.

This is only attainable with the support from additional companies’ contributions to the seamless functioning of the petroleum industry’s everyday operations. Companies involved in the petroleum industry include:

  • Grid transmitter Operators
  • Pipeline Engineers
  • Big Sparks
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Energy services & Consulting groups and more

A majority of the companies have consolidated themselves to mitigate the substantial barriers to enter in the petroleum sector. They maneuver the operations which are accountable right from obtaining the crude oil to reconverting the extracted natural resources into usable petroleum products.

We will be discussing the top 10 Oil & Gas Companies in USA and their current market evaluation in 2023.

We are about to find out the leading Top 10 oil & gas companies in the USA: 


Headquarters Brand Worth in USD (Billion)

Exxon Mobil Texas


421.12 B

Chevron Corporation


296.99  B

Royal Dutch shell


212.4 B




140.28 B


London 106 B
EOG Resources



76.44 B

Occidental Petroleum Corporations



55.36 B

Pioneer Natural Resource

Texas 52.55 B
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation




Cimarex Energy



8.96 B

1. Exxon Mobil:

        Exxon Mobil


Global brand value: $421.12 Billion

Headquarters: Texas

  • ExxonMobil is the largest oil and gas organization in the United States. It is also the seventh-largest business in the world in terms of revenue.
  • It was ranked as the second-most profitable corporation according to the Fortune 500 list in 2014.
  • Exxon Mobil was established in 1999, in Irving, it contributes around 3% of the globe’s production with its daily volume of 3.921 million barrels of oil comparable, which includes both petroleum and natural gas.

2. Chevron Corporation:


Chevron Corporation


Global Brand value: $296.99 Billion

Headquarters: California

  • Chevron Corporation from being the second-best organization in the fuel industry, Global Fortune has acknowledged Chevron with the prestigious 16th rank whilst among the other companies in their list.
  • The formation of the company which initially originated in 1879, and has been seen as one of the significant contributors to the development of the country. The official headquarters of Chevron has been based in San Ramon.

3. Royal Dutch Shell:


Royal Dutch Shell


Global Brand value: $212.4 Billion

Headquarters: Netherlands

  • A unified oil and gas company, Shell Plc (often known as Shell), officially referred to as Royal Dutch Shell Plc was founded in 1907.
  • The organization uses traditional reserves and resources such as compact rock, sedimentary rocks, and coal structures, to examine and extract the product and natural gases.
  • It operates with various refining installations all around the world. Shell directly supplies its products to countries including Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. 

4. ConocoPhillips:




Global Brand value: $140.28 Billion

Headquarters: Texas

  • The foundation for one of the largest growing companies in the USA, under the Petroleum Industry, originates back in 1879 with the foundation of Continental Oil and Transportation Company by Isaac Blake in Utah.
  • The company was officially founded in 2002 with the collaboration of Phillips Petroleum and Conco Merge creating ConocoPhillips.
  • This corporation has concentrated its attention on global oil and gas exploration, creation, and supply since 2012. 

5. BP:




Global Brand value: $106 Billion

Headquarters: London

  • Global energy giant, since the company’s establishment in 1909, BP has developed into one of the top diversified oil and gas businesses in globally.
  • In addition to extracting and exporting oil and gas, BP also offers fuel, lubricants, and petrochemical products in more than 70 countries across the world.

6. EOG Resources


EOG Resources


Global Brand value: $76.44 Billion

Headquarters: Texas

  • EOG resources establishment in the petroleum industry in the year 1999 has been impressive compared to its aggressive competitors in the market. Houston, has been stowed as the location for their headquarters.
  • EOG Resources is primarily concerned in the production of unconventional minerals such coal bed methane, liquid-rich plays, and crude oil.
  • Holding an unwavering dedication to advancements in technology and efficient operations, it focuses its activities on both discovery and production. 

7. Occidental Petroleum Corporation


Occidental Petroleum Corporation


Global Brand value: $55.36 Billion

Headquarters: Texas

  • Occidental Petroleum Corporation company third position in terms of oil production and sixteenth in terms of gas production.
  • The foundation for the organization was laid back in 1920, in California, which currently operates with the supply of Oil and gas products to the countries such as Latin America, the USA, and a few parts of the Middle East.
  • Occidental Petroleum thrusts 630,000 barrels of oil for the overall production and oil metrics count. 

8. Pioneer Natural Resources:


Pioneer Natural Resources


Global Brand value: $52.55 Billion

Headquarters: Texas

  • The formation of Pioneer Natural Resources has been documented in 1997
  • The company has predominantly focused on the production and extraction of resources including crude oil, and lithified sediments.
  • The company supplies various categories of its products to countries located in various parts of the country Comprising Canada, Argentina, Mexico, etc. 

9. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation:


Anadarko Petroleum Corporation


Global Brand value: NA

Headquarters: Texas

  • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is an organization that explores for and produces natural gas and oil in the United States.
  • One of the most significant autonomous exploration and extraction businesses globally, the organization was established in 1959 and functions across seventeen nations.
  • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is primarily focusing on the extraction of the unconventional reserves that beholds shale gas plays and tight oils.
  • It is one among the top 10 privately owned companies in the US, producing close to 450,000 barrels of oil equivalent on a daily basis.

10. Cimarex Energy:


Cimarex Energy


Global Brand value: 8.96 Billion

Headquarters: Denver

The oil and gas development and production company Cimarex Energy Company is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Cimarex Energy stepped in the Petroleum industry league in the year 2002 and is considered under the best top 10 Petroleum production houses.

The organization’s primary motive was to explore and identify the best horizontal drilling which under the unconventional reserves for the extraction of tight sands and coal beds. They prioritize a systematic approach which enables them to distinguish and produce impactful cistern using the patent advanced technologies and numerous mining strategy.


Due to technological advancements and the emergence of novel approaches for discovering resources and extraction, oil and gas drilling organizations in the USA have seen rises in revenues. Corporations have increased their margins of profit by maximizing the benefits of the higher costs given by worldwide marketplaces. The whole concept revolves around enabling young minds to step their foot forward and shoulder the country’s process and develop an interest in further exploration in the petroleum and Gas Industry.

Individuals can find and learn about the possible opportunities and interact with the working professionals to seek relevant understanding and also for providing services by acquiring the various Oil and Gas Business data to offer your products and services. Furthermore, the United States government has also extended tax cuts along with additional subsidies to encourage the development of this field.

Overall, with greater productivity and a stronger administrative atmosphere, the future is promising for US oil and gas drilling businesses.

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