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How to find company address

How to Find Company Email Address the Easy Way: Explained!

Email marketing has taken the marketing world by storm in the past few years, with over 79% of respondents in a particular survey stating that it is their primary demand generation channel. Cold outreach is no longer a viable marketing practice; marketers must find new ways to generate qualified leads.

How to Get Company Email Address the Easy Way

In fact, a certain survey also states that although cold outreach might bring reasonable open rates, the reply rates won’t push beyond 2%! So, how to find company email addresses? Are those addresses valid? How to formulate valuable relationships with potential prospects throughout this process.

Well, to successfully formulate a validated list of company email addresses, read on!

Top tips to help you look for company email addresses

Top tips to help you look for company email addresses

Finding email addresses of companies organically can be tedious, and if not for targeted mailing lists, here’s how you look for verified email addresses by yourself!


1. Leverage an email lookup tool

So, how to obtain verified email addresses of companies? Well, using an email lookup tool is one of the most straightforward methods to discover a B2B email address. Simply enter a person’s name &/or a website’s URL, and the program will look for the necessary address for you.

Leverage an email lookup tool

Although most of these email lookups are free tools, they can prove to be quite useful. The good thing is that there are an almost infinite number of email research applications on the internet, so you have plenty of alternatives for determining what works best for you.

Email research services all work in the same way: you enter a name, try to narrow down the results to as little as possible, and the tool finds the most appropriate email address.


2. Leverage LinkedIn, and don’t forget to export your connections

Building connections on LinkedIn can be a rocky road to navigate. So, if you’re seeking to establish a relationship with a potential client on LinkedIn, attach a message explaining why you think highly of their company or work, offer relevant and valuable information, and explain why you’d enjoy a connection.

Leverage LinkedIn, and don't forget to export your connections

Don’t be afraid to contact your prospects directly. However, be wary about your LinkedIn message turning into a sales pitch. Include something you admire about their firm or the industry in which they operate. Developing rapport will provide you with more than merely their email address; it additionally enables you to nurture the relationship. Flatter the prospect’s work, and keep a friendly yet balanced CTA. This will pave the path for cementing a meaningful prospect relationship.

On the other hand, you can also export contact data for all your connections on LinkedIn, given that they have offered access to that information from their respective ends. On LinkedIn, you may export your connections’ data and have a spreadsheet emailed to you.

This spreadsheet contains a list of company email addresses with all of the client’s accessible contact fields on the platform, including name, position, company, email address, and so on. However, it is vital to remember that this form will be filled only for connections who have granted permission to their email address.


3. Give Google search a shot

A simple Google search can also go a long way in helping you find the right email address for the right prospect. You need to type in certain iterations of search queries until you eventually land the desired email address.

The various search queries you can use to obtain a list of company email addresses are as follows:

  • [name] + email
  • [name] + email address
  • [name] + contact
  • [name] + contact information
  • [name] + contact me
  • site:companywebsite.com + [name] + email
  • site:companywebsite.com + [name] + contact
  • site:companywebsite.com + [first name] @ [companyname.com]
  • site:companywebsite.com + [last name] @ [companyname.com]
  • “[first name] + [last name] @ [companyname.com]”
  • “[initial] + [last name] @ [companyname.com]”
  • “[first name] @ [companyname.com]”
  • “[last name] @ [companyname.com]”

Keep trying until you land on the right email ID. This process is tedious and might take some time. However, should the prospect have posted his email ID anywhere on the internet, it is bound to show up with Google search queries sooner or later.


4. Use support chat or live chat to obtain desired email ID

Contacting the prospect company through live chat is one of the easiest means to obtain a company email address. All you have to do is head to the organization’s ‘Live Chat’ tab and ask for their company email addresses.

This might seem too easy, and hence there is a small catch. To safeguard their inboxes from spammers, several businesses choose not to publicly expose their email addresses. So, you need to

In circumstances like this, starting an exchange in their chat window is an excellent approach to obtain their email addresses.

The contact information you require can be obtained from the customer support agent. You can save time by researching the names and work titles of the individuals you’re trying to contact and directly requesting their mail IDs.

You can also accomplish the same goal by heading to the ‘Contact Us’ page on the company website and extracting information from the representative.


5.  Subscribe to the company’s email list

Subscribing to the prospect’s email list will help you find email addresses a lot more easily than you realize.

Most businesses now send out an email newsletter. Subscribe to these emails, review them, and send your compliments, ideas, and questions to the authors by email, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This is how you can build a meaningful relationship, which might eventually end up in a conversion.

Although they may not be the candidate you’re looking for, developing a relationship with these corporate workers can get you one step closer to your objective. Once you’ve established rapport with the article’s writers, it won’t be that challenging to request an email introduction to a key stakeholder(s).

Remember that connections breed connections, so the more you can build, the simpler it is going to get in touch with the ideal prospect.


Wrapping up

So, here are some pointers to help you answer the probe,” How to get company email addresses?” Before you begin hunting for a prospect’s business email, keep in mind that they are an actual person and that building a relationship with them is far more significant than collecting their email address.

If you can build rapport with a prospect before requesting their address and phone number, that’s you accomplish two primary objectives here: establishing consumer trust and gaining a new contact.

However, building an organic list can be time consuming, and there is a much efficient way to garner verified prospect email addresses, irrespective of your niche.  InfoClutch’s email list offerings can help you avail of 100% accurate email contacts, among others, with a 95% assured deliverability rate.

So, get in touch with us today, and watch your lead generation campaigns smoothen themselves out!

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