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Gearing Up For The Holidays: InfoClutch Offers 20% Discount On Every B2b List

Texas, 6 December 2016 – InfoClutch, the global leader in b2b data intelligence announces the ultimate seasonal offer for marketers. With the year-end fast approaching, the brand is offering marketers a chance to better utilize all unspent dollars. It is a move aimed at encouraging customer-procuring departments to double the sales volume before the year-end.

The offer stands valid until December 31, 2016.

“We know it is vital for marketers to secure long-term, stable revenues, and it is our goal to ensure every client is happy doing business with us,” said Michael, Marketing Manager of InfoClutch. He also added, “We are committed to offering the same high level of service to marketers and it’s our team’s longest-standing traditions since we moved operations into Texas”.

InfoClutch wants to give back maximum benefits to marketers and partners during the superb holiday period. The offer mentioned is a flat 20% discount on the purchases above $15000. There is more good news on the way because the brand is also offering additional 10% off on the subsequent purchase.

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InfoClutch is a leading provider of b2b business intelligence solution for marketers of various domains across the world. With a strong international presence, the brand had taken center stage from its inception two years ago. InfoClutch offers a comprehensive collection of segmented consumer profiles to find profitable individuals and bringing them a notch closer to your products and services.

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