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Halloween During Covid 19

Halloween Campaign Amid COVID-19

Halloween is here again to scare and entertain you!!!

While the world reel under the COVID-19 economic uncertainties, people have become resilient than ever before. They know, this too shall pass.

The celebration spirit outweighs the fear; people want to see the same Halloween abracadabra and experience the joy with their close-knit family circle.

So, as a marketer, why should you be left behind?

Enjoy with your customer…

Know the knack that gets you going with them.

We have some of the best email marketing tactics that could hit their sweet spot:

Social Distancing Celebration:

Distancing yourself from public has become a norm, but how can you celebrate Halloween by distancing yourselves?

Yes, you can do that and that too at the comfort of your home and with pets.

Halloween creeping up

Image Courtesy: eSputnik

This email has been sent by the brand, Petco, a well-known American retailer in USA. The tagline is very catchy,” Get in the spooky spirit.” The dog could be seen wearing very different clothing to boost the Halloween spirit. Your pets are surely going to enjoy the festive mood with this different theme.

Dogs are considered the stress buster for humans, but here we can act as a stress buster for our pets!!!

Selecting The Best Spooky Images:

Pandemic or not, Halloween means having fun by wearing scary cloths, and decorating surroundings with spooky items. While sending an email, you should align with that mood. Merry-making with hot coffee, snacks is the next example.

PeetsImage Courtesy: BeFree.io

It shows how you can bring that ambiance; the email included the best images with the innovative content “Afraid of the dark? Not us”.

The brand conveys that they would even come out to serve customers. The mention of free shipping on order above $59 encourages to purchase the product.

User-Generated Content:

User-generated content is making a splash in the email campaign. It is the craze as customers like to see the reviews, feedback of other fellow customers around the world. They feel the instant connection with the person who had already used that product or service.

Pottery barn kids halloween email

Image Courtesy: eSputnik

The example shows how kids are enjoying Halloween. They are wearing the best costumes and spending quality time with their parents and siblings. With many people staying indoors during this time, this is a great way to show how people can still enjoy with their closed ones.

Pumpkin Fun-Game:

How could you forget pumpkins?

Pumpkins are a must-have item on the checklist of Halloween decoration. As a marketer, you can bring the pumpkin fun game in your marketing strategy.

Just as one of the brands did. They carved the best spooky face on that giant pumpkin. It was a delight, as customers found it entertaining and innovative.

spooky pumpkin

Image Courtesy: eSputnik

At the end of the email, they also mentioned the discount offer to keep the customers engaged.

Candies During Halloween:

Halloween is for fun. How about having an exciting combination of candies and Halloween. Children would absolutely love it. The “tricks and treats” brand showed how they could create an amalgamation of the best emails.

Tricks n treats

Image Courtesy: eSputnik

The spooky sweet tagline, with the mention of the Halloween collection, could grab the eyeballs of any recipient. The gift bag included the Spooktacular items such as the gold- dusted chocolate hazelnut skulls, day of the dead chocolate pops, chocolate eyeballs, chill bars, and many more.

Have you noticed one thing?

All these goodies are named with one scary term such as eyeballs, day of the dead, chill, skulls. Fun, right?

Frightening Story:

Storytelling in the Halloween campaign?

It is an interesting concept. The tactic has become popular among marketers, and one could further use it in their email campaign to make Halloween celebration special.

Halloween by tilda swinton

Image Courtesy: chamaileon

The example is of a spooky newsletter where the brand has even sent some exclusive newsletter offer to their subscribers. During this pandemic scenario, recipients would not mind reading this email, where there are minimal outdoor activities.

The Itsy-Bitsy Color Tactics:

Emails sent during this festival are all about colors. As the festival showcases the frightening, dark aspect of the night, any dark color, specially black color, sets the mood to hold the attention of the recipient.

scary cat

Image Courtesy: designmodo

Isn’t this eye-catching?

The emails have the contrasting colors black and white aligned with the Halloween theme. Although you can use other colors like shown in the previous examples, these colors bang on the minds of the audience. They could easily recall your brand name when there is mention of some of the best Halloween email designs.

Indulge And Rejuvenate:

Who told you need to put perfume only when you are going out?

Perfume makes you feel good. So, even if you have isolated yourself and not going out to a large gathering, have fun and relax by indulging yourself in the luxurious perfume of your choice.

Halloween perfume

Image Courtesy: Pure360

Penhaligon, the well-known perfume brand based out of UK, shows how to do it. They shoot out emails to their recipients stating” celebrating a shocking and marvellous Halloween with…..Penhaligon.” The campaign aims to make customers feel special.

Isn’t this what you want as a marketer?

A Spooky Subject Line:

Subject lines are the apple of the eye of any email content. It has the power to boost the performance of the campaign.

You should be really street-smart to develop the email that engages your audience at the optimal level.

Some of the best subject lines during this season could be:
• Boo!!! You are at the dead-end, purchase tonight to party non-stop
• Get the trickiest sale to have unlimited fun
• Enormous frightening savings- 50% off
• Glamorous products only for you
• Hurry or the witches are there to grab your offer
• Put the right spell on others with our spellbound product

Of course, some of these subject lines are out of the box, but this is how you can make this Halloween festival special. You could remove the pandemic fatigue from the minds of your customer and drive them to take the right CTA.

Animation In The Current Times:

Using more animation is one of the popular tactics by marketers. The current generation of customers likes content that conveys the message at one look.

Hot Halloween Campaign

Image Courtesy: FreshAddress

Yes, the email sent by Hotel Chocolat Ltd. is a perfect example, where animation is used rightly to grab the attention and convey the message.


This Halloween could be as exciting and fun as last year. We can always enjoy if we have the right attitude and optimistic thinking. Marketers can harness all the tactics mentioned in the blog to streamline their marketing approach and connect to the customer across the world.

Happy Halloween email campaigning!!!

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