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Benefits of Salesforce CRM For Business

What Are The Benefits Of Salesforce CRM For Business?

Companies across the globe rely on Salesforce CRM to store and maintain their business data. Did you know that it is considered the best CRM platform, with a market share of 23.9%?

This is because of the simplicity and flexibility Salesforce CRM offers while managing business data. Businesses depend upon user information to make key decisions, so a CRM provides a unified platform. Moreover, the data analytics functionalities support these activities.

If you want to improve your customer data management, Salesforce CRM will be the ideal option. Read on to learn about all the benefits this effective software provides.

1. Excellent Accessibility

Salesforce CRM offers excellent accessibility to all businesses and professionals as cloud-based software. This means you or your colleagues can access the data from anywhere in the world using the internet.

Marketing products or services relevant to their industry can help your business grow. If they like what they read in the emails, the CEOs would want to invest in them. Consequently, their influence will eventually compel the entire company to use the marketed product or service.

So, everyone has easy access to customer data whenever they need it.

If you need specific customer information but cannot find it, you can ask your colleague to help. You can also access the platform on multiple devices like desktops, smartphones and laptops. This way, communicating with teammates will also be easier and better.

Another excellent advantage of Salesforce accessibility is that it will reduce your expenses on IT infrastructure. As the data is stored in the cloud, you don’t require large server rooms, filing cabinets, or the need to hire additional networking professionals.

These features allow you to focus more on providing better customer services through proper data management.

Even if professionals need to travel frequently, they will still be up to date with the latest changes in customer information. Further, Salesforce apps will also give your other stakeholders a clear view of the information, increasing transparency.

2. Enhanced Data Analytics

Salesforce CRM Analytics allows businesses to consolidate customer data and track it. Departments like sales, marketing, customer service and data analysis can monitor user data.

Your data scientists need to acquire customer data and derive valuable insights. Salesforce CRM Analytics makes the process convenient, so these data experts can analyze customer information and boost decision-making. It also offers the following benefits –

  • Convenient customer segmentation based on gender, buying habits and other factors.
  • Predictive modeling to determine business risks, success avenues and possible roadblocks.
  • Profitability analysis to identify sales or marketing strategies with the highest ROI.
  • Offers event monitoring facilities to track customer purchases, sign-ups, and transactions.

Along with improving decision-making, Salesforce CRM allows professionals to work with the data easily. They can utilize KPIs and convenient data dashboards to implement data-driven business strategies.

3. Team Building And Collaboration

Team communication is essential to be a successful business and providing excellent services. You must constantly be in touch with your team members to execute strategies and business operations.

Salesforce CRM provides multiple functionalities to ensure your team communication is fluid.

4. Anywhere App

The Salesforce Anywhere app will allow you to connect with team members, manage workflows and stay updated about customers.

You can do all this from anywhere using real-time alerts, chats, comments and videos. So, a sales rep can easily update their entire team using the application, which is accessible on all mobile devices.

For video conferences and collaborations, Salesforce CRM offers real-time video functionality.

The app eases project communication and avoids problems related to miscommunication or misinformation. Moreover, you can also add in-line comments to any part of a project record to discuss it with other colleagues.

5. Chatter

Moreover, Salesforce CRM has a Chatter feature to share information, files, documents and data with clients for business professionals.

  • Add team members, accounts, and prioritize tasks with this amazing functionality.
  • Track critical projects and updates.
  • Allow everyone to share insights and feedback conveniently.

6. Improved Sales Revenue

Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud lets you tackle vital customer data and understand their activities. This offers you sufficient information on their purchase activities. As mentioned earlier, Salesforce makes tracking customer history efficient.

But how does this boost your sales?

Well, when you clearly understand your customer, you can optimize your strategies. Moreover, you can understand where your customers are in their buying journey through data insights.

You can fix the issues with your product and offer better customer service based on the information. Data Analytics will let you know what is working and what’s not for your customers.

You can position your product and services better by acquiring insights on every customer journey stage. All this automatically enhances your sales revenue and sales opportunities.

In addition, Salesforce CRM offers features like sales automation, forecast management, territory planning, sales engagement and opportunity management. These help in expanding the customer base and elevating lead generation.

7. Time Tracking

Time is one of your most valuable resources when running a business. You can prioritize tasks, execute strategies, and improve services if you manage time well.

Almost 90% of professionals agree that better time management can improve productivity. That’s why you need Salesforce as the time tracking and management system. It lays down all the essential business data, making it highly accessible.

So, you can schedule your tasks and events for multiple accounts – clients, colleagues or customers.

You can access multiple built-in calendars to plan tasks for the day, week, month or the entire year. Organizing all activities associated with customer engagement and lead nurturing will be convenient.

Further, it will help you avoid time wastage and maximize your team’s productivity.

After saving time and resources, focus on improving customer communication, task assignment and fixing any associated problems.

8. Better Customer Service

Along with developing high-quality services and products, you must also improve your customer service. It means assisting them 24/7 and addressing their problems. Salesforce will help you here by providing an excellent live chat facility.

The Live Agent lets you connect easily with the customer through a chatbot. It will be a convenient option for your website or your application. These AI-powered apps can provide real-time customer assistance depending on how they’re using your app/site

  • Solve customer queries even without a huge customer support team
  • Provide multilingual chat support around the world
  • Offer assistance with routine tasks and save time
  • Transfer queries to the appropriate executives for better assistance

All these features will allow your customer support agents to assist users efficiently. It will also reduce confusion and improve customer satisfaction.

Additionally, you can train customer support professionals in real time by utilizing private chat. Help them manage their workloads, monitor activities and provide suggestions to improve productivity.

9. Convenient App Development

Besides a stunning website, you will require a quality app to improve your business operations. As most customers will be on their smartphones, a feature-rich application will be ideal for engaging them.

Salesforce allows custom application development having low-code tools to boost your business. You won’t need extensive development infrastructure or tools for the apps. So, developing, designing, and testing applications is very convenient on the platform.

You can also develop apps for your clients and employees to automate daily tasks. It will improve your business efficiency, employee productivity and time management. Plus, these apps have excellent data security features, so you don’t need to worry.

So, apps can help in scaling your business and connecting with customers. You will also take control of your IT costs using these app development features.

The Bottom Line

The multiple features Salesforce CRM offers will suit businesses of any size – medium or large scale. While boosting operational efficiency, it will let professionals understand their customers better.

Communication through chat, email and direct messaging also enhances the process.

So, if you want to improve lead generation, lead nurturing, and revenue, Salesforce CRM will be suitable. It can easily replace multiple IT platforms, providing you with an array of features.

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