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7 Best Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude for the good things in life. Merrymaking with the near and dear ones, and with whom we have social interactions is the best way to celebrate this day. It projects the importance of community life which is sharing and caring.

Do you want to promote your services with the Best Thanksgiving marketing ideas? Find some of them here:

1. Market Your Products For The Special Day:

All the products can be marketed for the Thanksgiving Day. For example, a cloth store can market the outfits by the name “cozy Thanksgiving outfit”, candles can be labeled as “pleasant hostess gift”, toys can be positioned in a way to keep the kids entertained on that day. The products can be promoted on social media for better visibility.

2. Sending Thank You Notes:

Nowadays most of the customers shop online. In this scenario, there is no face to face interaction between the customer and the seller. To add a human touch one can send a handwritten thank you note. A genuine and attractive thank you note can delight the customer creating a positive impression of your brand.

3. Showcasing Success Stories Of The Clients:

Client’s success stories make a big impact on the minds of potential customers. Draw the attention of your prospectus by sharing your client’s achievements. Highlight one of your client’s success story like it provided the best customer service during a certain period or executed one of the creative marketing campaigns for a specific product and generated an impressive revenue. Then link their achievements, with the services or products offered by your company. Explain how it facilitated to achieve their desired goals with the features and benefits provided by your product. This has to be presented in a way that does not seem like bragging of your service. Storytelling process in which one can seamlessly integrate the beneficiary role played by their product, acts as a catalyst in better marketing of the company’s services and products.

4. Creating Themed Content:

In a blog, you can write a creative themed content which has to be aligned with the services and products offered by your company. The content can be very creative to showcase the USP and value proposition of the service.

For example, if you are selling workout clothes then content can revolve around how to have a healthy Thanksgiving day, if you are selling beauty products then story can revolve around how working mothers can be strong and beautiful on that day or if you are pet owner store then story can revolve how a good morning or evening walk with man’s best friend which is dog can be relaxing and stress-free experience.

5. Fun Recipe:

If you have a restaurant, then share some fun-filled recipe to your customers. The recipe should be delicious, easy and fun to cook. As this day is about sharing and enjoying light-hearted moments with as many people you can, share this recipe with all of them. Let them prepare it and appreciate the recipe of the dish. No Thanksgiving Day is complete without having a lot of food. The customers are bound to come back to your restaurant to have a taste of your other dishes. In this way, you get a chance to promote your restaurant service.

6. Offering A Loyalty Discount:

An email campaign offering a discount can accelerate the sales. You can check the sales data of the past some months to find customers who made big purchase qualifying enough for Thanksgiving. An exclusive factor which is a secret loyalty discount can be planned for these type of shoppers. This makes the customers feel valued by your company and he keeps returning to your brand for further purchase.

7. Get Involved In Community Service:

A supportive local community surrounds small businesses. Promote the Thanksgiving spirit with a fundraising event or any social cause you care for. Try to interlink your efforts with the target audience of your service.

A contractor can support foundations that provide food and housing facilities to the needy ones. If you are running a craft business, then you can partner with organizations that provide after school hours tutoring classes. Serving local audience helps in picking a volunteer organization.


Establishing an emotional connection with the target customer can help win half the battle. Promoting your services with the marketing ideas which has a human touch provides a life worthy experience to the customer.

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