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Siebel CRM Users List

Invest in InfoClutch’s Siebel CRM users list and connect with potential customers across the globe in their time zone and via their preferred communication medium.

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  • Siebel CRM Users List
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Responsive Siebel CRM Users Email List for Multi-Channel Marketing Success

With Oracle as its parent organization, Siebel CRM is a customer relationship management software that offers a wide range of features such as sales analytics, channel and partner management, enterprise marketing suite, order and quote capture, and more. Famous for its unrivaled integration and customization capabilities, Siebel CRM currently occupies a market share of 1.53%.

Oracle is showing ongoing support and innovation for Siebel CRM, which it does not plan on ending anytime soon, as declared in 2022.

This means Siebel CRM has a bright future, and the marketing grounds are likely to be fertile. B2B marketers having companies using Siebel CRM on their marketing radar can turn in qualified leads using InfoClutch’s robust Siebel CRM users email list.

Oracle’s Siebel crm marketing email list from InfoClutch is one-of-a-kind lead generation prospect data because it represents over 4,200 companies that use Oracle Siebel CRM for delivery of top end customer experience across multiple touch point and devices. Over the past few years, we were successful in growing the Siebel CRM users mailing list, giving technology marketers the leverage to approach prospects of their choice.

The percentage of Siebel CRM customers are fanned out across US, UK, Germany, Africa, Japan, Australia, and the Middle East. The United States alone has over 44% Siebel CRM customers while 15% SMB and big enterprises come out as leading consumers of this Oracle product.

Top Features of Siebel CRM Users List

InfoClutch’s expert team mines deep for real-time insights into relevant target groups. Our massive global master database houses details of nearly 70 million contacts across industry verticals. We focus exclusively on marketability, and our Siebel CRM marketing email list testifies to our data-forward and results-oriented attitude. Some of the top features of our database include –

• High Data Accuracy – At least 95% to ensure high deliverability and open rates.
• High Responsiveness – We use only 100% consent-based information of genuinely interested leads to ensure better CTORs and CTRs.
• Multi-Channel Marketing Support – You can target sales-qualified leads across channels like social media, email, events, telecalls, direct mail, etc.
• Regular Updates – Through periodic hygiene checks to ensure the data always stays fresh and relevant.
• Data Compliance – Our Siebel CRM users mailing list closely follows all data regulations such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, etc. • Authentic Data – Sourced from 100% genuine
Sources such as IT trade shows and exhibitions, yellow pages, tech magazines, public and government directories, company websites, etc. Easy-to-Use Database – we offer any format as customer requested.

Siebel CRM users list
Company Name Website Location Company Size Company Revenue

General Motors

https://www.gm.com/ US 157,000 $137.23 billion

American Airlines

https://www.aa.com/ US 127,000 $40.71 billion

Motorola Solutions

https://www.motorolasolutions.com/ US 18,700 $7.88 billion


https://www.yahooinc.com/ US 8,600 $7.4 billion

What Can You Expect from InfoClutch’s Siebel CRM Email Database?

InfoClutch understands the importance of a thorough Siebel CRM email database that supports your ambitious marketing goals. This is why we ensure our clients get a 360-degree prospect view. With a holistic view, you can target qualified sales leads across their most preferred communication channels.

Siebel CRM user list, including –
• Full Name of the Prospect
• Job Title
• Industry
• Board-Line Number
• Fax Number
• Company Name
• Company Website URL
• Company Revenue
• Company Size
• Email Address
• Postal Address
• Techno graphic Details

Our Email list will help you stay abreast with the changing customer experience landscape. You will be able to create cohesive and unified experiences through a holistic, responsive, and targeted database.

What Can You Do with Our Siebel CRM Users Email List?

With a thorough understanding of the need to stay at the top of your prospects’ minds, InfoClutch’s data experts empower you to run multichannel marketing campaigns. The Siebel CRM users email list can be used to send hyper-personalized emails, develop thought leadership content across social media channels, organize in-person and virtual events, make telecall follow-ups, and more. Take a closer look at all the marketing endeavors we support using our Siebel users email list

• Lead Generation – Scale your marketing efforts as you develop personalized conversations to attract and keep sales-qualified leads. Extend marketing outreach to newer markets.
• Lead Nurturing – Develop content that matches each lead’s position on the sales funnel. Establish yourself as a thought leader and encourage leads to travel down the funnel.
• Email Drips – Keep prospects in the loop without intruding through automated drip campaigns. Put your business growth on autopilot!
• Customer Retention – Empower your teams to make high-performing data-driven decisions that help form stronger connections with existing customers. Create loyal brand advocates.

Attract and Engage Qualified Leads Across Their Preferred Communication Channels

You may find it challenging to identify the most qualified prospects in a market mixed with lukewarm and cold leads. Fret not! Our team specializes in separating the wheat from chaff.

How? We consider important factors such as audience demographics, firm graphics, buying signals, and search intent to collate a segmented Siebel CRM users email list. This enables our clients to narrow their Total Addressable Market to niche audience groups.

The Siebel CRM users list at InfoClutch has proven to be an effective solution for marketers around the world. We help you in developing a marketing approach that can create brand awareness about your service. Our Siebel CRM users email list has assisted many of the customers in achieving their desired revenue and target. It is one of the high-quality databases that makes your marketing process easier by hitting the right target.

You can have us compile a robust Siebel CRM users mailing list that targets different executives and professionals operating within companies that use the software. These include

CXOs Systems Analysts
Software Engineers Network Engineers
Sales and Marketing Managers Software Developers
Marketing Analysts Web Developers
Programmers And More!


Siebel 9078
Siebel CRM

Marketing Performance Measurement

Siebel Enterprise Marketing
Siebel Web Services


Siebel Sales 481

Contact Center Management

Siebel Contact Center

Database Management Software

Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM)
Get Counts, Quotation and a Free Sample

Our dependable data sources allow us to serve you better

  • Oracle annual reports and public filings
  • Oracle tradeshows and conferences
  • Technology surveys and feedback forms
  • Business cards and websites
  • Oracle ebooks and newsletter subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

What details are covered in the siebel crm marketing email list?

In InfoClutch’s Siebel CRM users email list, you can find data fields, such as Prospect Name, Company Name, Company Revenue, Size, Website, Board-Line Number, Email and Postal Address, etc.

Can the email list be segmented?

Yes, we can segment the email list based on selects such as Geographical Location, Industry, Job Title, Tech Budget, Current Subscriptions, and more.

Can the Siebel CRM list support multichannel marketing?

Yes, the database supports multichannel marketing, such as email marketing, telemarketing, social media marketing, and event marketing.

What are your data hygiene practices?

In accordance with industry standards, our data specialists update the Siebel CRM users list once every 90 days for data relevance.

What marketing outreach does the InfoClutch email list promise?

InfoClutch’s email list can be used to target quality leads across local regions using preferences like State, City, Town, County, and Zip Code. You can also take your campaigns to a global scale across regions like the US, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and more.

Customize your Siebel CRM Users List by

Job Titles/ Functions

Company size

Assets Size

Geographic Locations

Zip Code



Technology Tracking

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