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Spreading The Holiday Cheers And Generating Leads

Spreading The Holiday Cheers And Generating Leads


The Christmas is fast approaching, and shoppers are thronging stores to finish the last minute purchases. The festivities meant one thing as children, we all gave parents the inkling of what we desire to see under the tree. The Christmas countdown was one of the exciting things of childhood.

Fast-forward to the present, being a marketer and business owner is a whole new challenge. The joy of holiday season for marketers are when email campaigns shore up the reputation, capture new leads and reactivate old customers.

Take Advantage Of Free Perks:

The opportunity to save dollars is too irresistible for the holiday shoppers. Even smaller discounts and coupons will not remain unutilized when they are marketed in the right order. The key to creating demand is to stimulate a sense of desirability.93% shoppers analyze the value of offers and discounts before making the purchase.

Staying Undisputed And Ahead Of The Competition

The client’s purchase habits influences automation of email campaigns. Besides, it gives greater control over the lifecycle of subscribers. The advance knowledge of buying habits can help customizing email marketing promotions. Up to 60% businesses aren’t lavishly equipped to monetize on the accumulated marketing intelligence throughout the sales funnel. Hence, measuring performance becomes an immense challenge.

Mobile Friendly Designs

35 % consumers explore the service features of the vendor’s inventories through smartphone and other handheld gadgets.

Sales Strategy After The Holidays

Focus on products that are useful to users after the holiday season. Push for multiplying the sales volume through a continuous stream of marketing emails in January.

Quick Fact

85% consumers respond to promotional email when they are rewarded with coupons and discount vouchers.

Appreciate New Subscribers With Freebies

Freebies are crowd pullers. Offer gifts to freshly arriving subscribers during the Christmas holidays.

Spread Christmas Fever Through Emails

Sending unsolicited emails may never be legal under CAN-SPAM laws. However, including a piece of brand message is an accepted practice.

Do Not Ignore The Following

  • Add email header that redirects visitors to your official brand website.
  • Feature links that passes site visitors onto complimentary inventories.
  • Make coupons and offers accessible through emails.
  • Provide links that could help the recipient control their subscription preference.

Awaken The Audience With Limited Time Offers

Make certain inventories available exclusively during the holiday period. Exclusively positioned offerings draw increased attention. More people are likely to delay their holiday campaigns until the final weeks of December. The sooner you start sending the focused campaigns, better the results

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