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Trigger the interest among top executives and decision makers within Canada with our reliable Canadian business email list

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    Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America stretching from the U.S in the south and Arctic Circle in the North. It is the second largest country by total area and is known as the only country to touch three oceans such as Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. The three major industries that Canada operates are service, manufacturing and natural resource industries. The country is a part of the G8 group of leading industrialized nations like the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, and France. So get in touch with businesses based in Canada using our Canada Business Email List and connect with the right audience at the right time.
    Opportunity to reach Canadian Companies is here. Seize the moment by taking your prospecting efforts to qualified Canadian professionals. We provide top-notch data that suits whatever may be your business goals. Trigger the interest among Canadian Businesses by serving relevant resources and educating them about your proposition. Our customizable data will give you an upper hand in finding only those prospects who match your requirement. Also make use of our pre-built email database which is highly dependable, trustworthy and reliable for you to engage with clients via email, telephone, and direct mail. We are the providers of the most accurate Canada business email lists while our team of data experts source it from various means like trade shows, business publications, websites, directories, yellow pages, magazine subscriptions, and more.
    Our Canada Business Email List is a collection of a complete segment offering marketers a slew of choices that serves as a guiding agent to develop business relations. It is a lot easier to increase your ROI and revenue by just pitching at users who may need your solution. Customize your list by choosing from 50+ selects to launch tailored B2B marketing communications. Get the conversation started with ease by selecting the Canada Business B2B mailing lists from InfoClutch.

    Data Card

    As one of the fastest growing B2B email list provider, we offer mailing lists based on Job title, Industry type, and others. Scan through our data cards in regions of Canada:
    Job Roles Emails Phone and Direct Mail
    Senior Management 112,159 810,810
    Operations 97,354 712,284
    Sales/Business Development 78,100 566,952
    IT 37,660 278,098
    Finance 36,005 264,427
    Engineering 34,634 251,238
    Media & Communication 30,838 229,104
    Research 25,480 189,984
    Program & Project Management 24,875 187,162
    Marketing 22,735 162,788
    HR 22,615 161,914
    Legal 12,247 92,590
    Real Estate 11,895 93,202
    Quality Assurance 9,740 69,515
    Purchasing 5,270 35,291
    Product Management 3,479 30,969
    Total 565,087 4,136,328
    Industries Emails Phone and Direct Mail
    Manufacturing 24,793 184,456
    Education 22,582 168,746
    Information Technology 22,574 164,071
    Government 19,961 141,377
    Business Services 18,204 131,148
    Healthcare 16,554 126,047
    Retail 13,927 106,436
    Construction 13,178 101,401
    Consumer Goods & Services 12,167 94,892
    Oil & Energy + Renewables & Environment + Utilities 10,555 78,781
    Banking + Financial Services 9,494 66,699
    Media & Publishing 8,993 70,850
    Law Practice + Legal Services 8,654 69,328
    Telecommunications + Wireless 8,241 56,049
    Human Resources 7,920 53,473
    Marketing & Advertising 7,853 52,987
    Supply Chain & Logistics 6,151 51,838
    Hospitality & Travel 5,043 42,014
    Wholesale 4,256 28,463
    Automotive 3,669 31,119
    Insurance 3,596 32,326
    Real Estate 2,933 25,985
    Public Relations & Communications 2,841 18,552
    Research 2,686 24,424
    Mining & Metals 2,558 16,939
    Pharmaceuticals 2,518 23,577
    Investment Banking & Venture Capital 2,248 12,936
    Industrial Automation 1,073 9,912
    Warehousing 671 6,630
    Nonprofit Organization Management 664 6,146
    Total 266,559 1,997,599


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