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Case Study: Infoclutch Helped A Consumer Credit Reporting Agency In Its Multi-channel Marketing Campaign

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Client Background

Client is one of the biggest consumer credit reporting agency having its headquarters in California, USA and has served more than 25 million US businesses. They offer decision analytics, marketing assistance to businesses. They also provide credit and identity theft protection services. Many major companies face data breach and identity theft cases which lead to substantial business losses. They offer monitoring and recovery services to these companies, which helps in tracking whether the identity thief is misusing the business information. The client also helps in recovery services which are dealing with the after-effects of the identity theft.

Client Context

With their rich experience in aggregating information of over 1 billion people including individual US consumers numbering around 235 million, the company plans to expand its market to different countries of the world.


The client although a leader in the industry had to face its share of challenges. They had to come across the shortcomings in their multi-channel marketing campaign which was difficulty in targeting the right prospect. As the client is a consumer credit data company, it needs to help businesses in establishing quality accounts and reduce the credit risk by improving the bottom line of business development.
They even faced the challenge of reaching out to the potential customers of major countries across the world. As the client handles most of the US-based customers, they had to revamp their strategy for reaching out to the extensive high-profile audience of other countries. The process needed a different approach from a specialist email marketing service provider, which included reaching customers as per their convenient time zone, understanding the growth prospects of their business, and their industry. This would act as the catalyst for better sales closure.

Offered solutions

InfoClutch gave the right mailing list solutions to the client which included latest email address details, telephone number, and direct mail. As the client offer services which is protecting the critical information of their customers, it was necessary for the InfoClutch team to cross-verify the mailing list being provided to them.

The InfoClutch team addressed all the priority challenges


12% of Click-Through Rate
22% of Open Rate
164% of Increase in ROI
10% Response Rate

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