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Success Story of Samsung | History & Milestones

Samsung comprises of numerous affiliated businesses with shareholders holding a large proportion of shares. This prestigious company is the global leader and an award-winning innovator producing smarter gadgets every day. The multinational company is the largest in South Korea holding multiple subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Electro-mechanics and more. Have a captivating experience through our infographic, and quickly grasp essential insights & data that Samsung holds.
Success Story of Samsung History & Milestones

About Samsung As A Company:

Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul who was one of South Korea’s most successful businessmen. Their initial focus was into trading, food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail before they moved their path towards Telecommunication. The company Headquarters is located in Suwon, South Korea.

About The Founder:

Lee Byung-Chul who was a son of a wealthy landowning family started Samsung with only about USD 27.

Byung-Chul initially established a trucking business in Daegu and named it as Samsung Trading Co.

He was considered as the wealthiest man in Koria and was a chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries.

Samsung – Timeline

  • March 1st, 1938 – Lee Byung-Chul started “Samsung group” as a trading company at a grocery store.
  • 1960’s: Samsung entered the electronics, insurance, broadcasting, securities, and as well as a department store.
  • Mid 1960’s: Founder Lee launched a radio and television station, started manufacturing televisions and electronic components through the Samsung Electronics division.
  • 1970: The Company started its Black & White TV production.
  • 1974: The industry began manufacturing washing machine and refrigerator production.
  • Between 1972 and 1979: Samsung began selling washing machines.
  • By 1976: Samsung had sold its 1 millionth B&W television.
  • By 1978: Samsung had sold 4 million black and white television sets.
  • 1978: Samsung Group enters the semiconductor market as Samsung Semiconductor and Telecommunications Co.
  • 1980: Began producing Air Conditioners.
  • 1983: The Company enters the personal computer market and starts producing PCs.
  • 1987: The death of Lee Byung-Chul followed Samsung group to separate into four business groups leaving it with electronics, engineering, construction, and high-tech products.
  • 1991: Samsung develops 1st mobile phone handset.
  • 1993: Samsung began to focus on – electronics, engineering, and chemicals.
  • 1995: Samsung exports reach $10 billion.
  • 1998: Flat-screen TV came into existence while achieving top share worlds TFT-LCD market.
  • 1999: Develops Smartphone –Wireless internet phone.
  • 2006: Sony partners with Samsung in 2006 to develop the supply of LCD panels and became #1 in global TV market share.
  • 2009 – Samsung launches Galaxy Note.
  • 2010: The telecom company launches Galaxy Smartphone Galaxy S series with Android OS.
  • 2011: Samsung brings Galaxy Note into reach.
  • 2013: Samsung launches Galaxy Note 3.
  • 2014: Launches Galaxy S5.
  • 2015: Launches Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, which are worlds 1st curved display edges.
  • 2016: Brings Galaxy S7 and S7 edge into the global market.
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