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10 Trending Email Practices You Must Know

10 Trending Email Practices You Must Know

The Email Standards In B2B Industry

  • Open Rate : 12- 16%
  • Click Through Rate 2.7-6%
  • Unsubscribes 0.15- 0.5%
  • 215.3 billion Email sent every day and expected to cross 257.7 billion by 2020.

Things That Matter In An Email

General Subject Line
  • Skip the Punctuations
  • Letters with an upper case can inflate the engagement rate.

The Subject Line Detail

  • Open rates can be improved with customization (22% users addressed by the first name promptly opened the email)
  • Best subject lines contain minimum character count (Email providers such as MailChimp recommend 50 characters or less in the subject line)

Tips For Content

  • The body of the email must contain candid message without the cheesy sales pitch (salesy emails are typically interpreted as phishing threat)
  • The message must clearly convey the intent as indicated in the subject line. The response rate is higher for emails with fewer words

The Call To Action

  • Ask questions that drive recipients to interact with email. The CTA can further improve the click-through. It is important to place them at the opening or closing section of the email.
  • The Choice Of Colour (The color schemes for the CTA can affect the performance. Using a well-researched color could make the email enticing to recipients)

Testing Of The Email

  • A/B testing is a must-do aspect of email marketing to ensure the email is well fitting and readable on almost all gadgets. Initiate the test by aiming a group of audiences before the final distribution.

Mobile Marketing

  • Incorporate responsive designs for improved usability on mobile gadgets.(70% marketers say that email is the bread and butter of their business)

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