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Partnership Emails: Best Practices & Templates

Every brand needs the right collaboration with partners.

But, let’s understand why you need a partner?

Business collaboration, as they say, helps you stay relevant in the market. Releasing the same product time and again might not accelerate your business results as you’re not giving any new features to your customer that would excite them.

So, when you work side by side with the other organization or an individual with expertise in a certain service or product, you tend to gain new ideas that also help improvise your product.

A healthy collaboration motivates to develop revolutionizing products that bring about a change in people’s lives.

As per a finding, innovative business collaboration techniques can improve your company’s productivity by 20 to 30%.

In the present scenario, as the world economy braces for new growth, partnership could benefit both!!!

Business Collaboration And Competitor:

As an organization, acknowledge, you’re not the sole business offering a specific service. There are a good number of other companies providing the same service as you. So, how do you outsmart them?

That could only happen when you make a partnership with another high-end company; it would lead to good results at the right time.

You’d surely like to improve the productivity within a short span. So, send out the emails to approach these prospective business partners.

Find out some of the essential points that you need to add, while sending emails:

  • Praise their product or service: Remember to mention why you want to collaborate with them. This would motivate them to work with you.
  • Offer: You can even subtly offer them some benefits that they could get from the partnership. This works like magic, just like a discount, free gifts work for a customer.
  • A final CTA: Never forget to include Call-To-Action. If you do so, you could miss out on a great future partner.

Further, we’d move onto some of the best-designed business collaboration email templates that you could integrate into your process, and also take ideas from the real-time collaborative emails to approach partners:

Partnership Email From Scratch:

If you’re struggling to craft the right business collaborative email, understand it’s not that challenging. You just need to grasp the best tactics to design such emails.

Plan the subject line, introductory line, body content, and ending line to strike the right chord with the recipient.


Image Courtesy: Wondershare Influenex

In this email, you can see how the sender puts all the possible effort to impress the recipient. He did the proper research and mentioned how he has been following the blog for many years.

Later, the sender mentioned how the recent post fueled his interest level, prompting him to contact the recipient via email. This is a booster line.

How About Asking For Collaboration In The Ongoing Promotion?

Businesses execute activities that help them promote products on a broader level. Most of the B2B organizations carry out regular promotional activities.

So, if you want to include yourself in your future partner activities, you need to send a separate email to them:


Image Courtesy: ampjar

As you can see in this email template, first, you can introduce yourself, moving on to the next line explaining the benefits of collaboration. You can further explain how the combined experience, of yours and your partner, could benefit the audience and they can learn more about your products.

A Unique Email From Fusion:

Blue Apron is one of the American ingredient and recipe meal kit services. It has its own style of designing content and the prominent color in the email is blue.

Have a look at the below email:


Image Courtesy: Saasquatch

Now check the collaborative email:


Image Courtesy: BeeFree

The marketer took Blue Apron’s theme, besides that added a special touch to distinguish as the collaboration between Blue Apron and famous television personality, Chrissy Teigen. The unique thing about the email- pink and red color steals the show.

One might consider it a loud color combination, but it is designed to attract the recipient’s attention, so that they are alerted it’s not a usual email and further read on.

You can send a prototype of such emails to your future partners so they would be interested to collaborate with you.

The Follow-Up Collaborative Email:

A follow-up collaborative email is to remind the recipients of considering the partnership:


Image Courtesy: Wondershare Influenex

As you can see in the email, the sender reminds the recipient of the collaboration offer in the beginning line. The sender even praises the prospective partner for their work.

Then the email goes on to explain, how the collaborative work could benefit both. At the end part, the sender adds some of his projects so that recipient can look into, for making the right decision.

The entire process could have a positive impact on the recipients’ minds and push them to take the partnership plunge.

How About Searching For Collaboration In The Ongoing Promotion?

Businesses execute activities that promote their products on a broader level.

Most of the organizations carry out regular promotional activities, to help them with the exposure they need. So, if you want to outreach more business partners, you can find the perfect email template for the same:


Image Courtesy: Wondershare Influenex

Here, you can see the brand is hosting the Awesome Conference. This event is dedicated to discussions about the subject matter, innovations, and others. It facilitates industry professionals with the right networking.

The content then follows, mentioning the name of the top industry experts. It also states that the bloggers could spread the information about the event on different social media platforms.

The Giveaway Business Collaboration:

One shouldn’t forget any tempting offer that could attract the partner. It means you care for them, so they should also trust you and partner for future collaborations:

Image Courtesy: Wondershare Influenex

This email example shows all. Here the sender introduces the organization, then moves on to complement their prospective partner. Later the sender states whether the recipient would be interested in reviewing their free product sample.

This is quite an interesting tactic. And, the best thing is that it gives the desired results.

A Loud Collaboration Email To Gain Maximum Attention:

Sometimes you need to be loud and clear in your message, just as this real-time collaborative email does:


Image Courtesy: BeeFree

This collaboration email is from two brands Everlane and Vrai & Oro, and you can clearly see it, when you open the email. In the beginning line, it states you’re invited. Then later, it proceeds to join us this Thursday-Sunday.

You can motivate your prospective partners with these types of emails. Such examples help them visualize their brand gaining the right profit and earnings. When businesses can imagine themselves to be at a better position in collaboration, they would surely approve this idea.

Mentioning The Objects And Benefits In The Email:

How about adding top benefits and objectives in the email?

The example below does the same:

In the below email, we see how the employee has put across his opinion:


Image Courtesy: RooJet

In this email, you can see the sender has first listed out the objectives in bullet points, later also listing out the benefits in bullet points. A step-by-step content makes the approach a result-oriented one. You could make the best rapport with your prospective business partner, who would be glad to collaborate with you. The crucial thing, you need to avoid while writing the collaborative email:

Not Giving A Timeline:

You should always give a timeline in the email. Just as in a marketing campaign, there is a timeline for offer, a partnership email also should have the timeline. This could significantly attract serious partners.

Not Showing Gratitude:

While developing this email, you should remember the other person is the decision-maker of a business just like you. So, you should never forget to thank the reader at the end. It could trigger the right emotion in the minds of the recipient.


If you want to accelerate your business results, you need to find innovative tactics to showcase your product or service. A right partnership could help you promote your brand to a broader audience. The only challenge that you need to overcome is, approaching the right businesses at the right time.

This blog helps you with some best business collaborative email practices that you can integrate into your process and fetch the desired results.

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