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Java users list helps you start engaging companies that are customers of Java products.

Explore innumerable collection of Java Users database such as:

  • More than 140,000 contacts of Java users across the globe
  • Email and Tele-verified Java users list
  • Responsive and up-to-date information, free from old & irrelevant data
  • Team of 100+ market researchers in building high-quality email list
  • Customization of Java users list based on your marketing requirements
  • Collected from authentic sources, we offer maximum accuracy of information


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Explore innumerable collection of Java Users database such as:

  • Embedded
  • Java Card
  • MJava Cloud Service 2009
  • Java Embedded
  • Java EE
  • Event Processing for Oracle Java
  • Java ME Embedded Client
  • Java ME SD
  • Java SE
  • Java SE Advanced and Suite
  • Java SE Embedded
  • Java SE Support
  • Java TV
  • Java Beans
  • JJRockit

Java Users Email List

Developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is a set of specifications and computer software for developing and launching cross-platform computer applications. It is now embedded in almost every mobile phone, computer system, and other embedded device we use daily.

Initially released in 1995, Java is still as relevant as it was decades ago. Almost every major tech company uses Java in some way or another; it gives you quite a broad client base to cater to.

However, you better not lose your resources on cold leads. The only way to get ahead of this possibility is to get your hands on our Java users email list. The robust and segmented email marketing list will allow you to hit all the right targets and mine for conversions like never before.

List of Top Java Users

With over 3,50,000 companies still using Java, there are a vast majority of targeted marketing options for you. But for this, you need concrete, well-segmented, and accurate information at your fingertips, and that is precisely what our Java users mailing list can do for you.

We can offer you contacts of some of the biggest companies in the world, given they fit your marketing niche and requirements. Here are examples of some giants in their respective industries that still run Java systems:

Company Name Location Industry type
Airbnb $5.9 Billion Hospitality services
Amazon $469.82 Billion Online business and cloud computing
Google $282.11 Billion Technology
Spotify $9.66 Billion Audio streaming and podcasting platform
Netflix $29.7 Million Online streaming and entertainment platform
Microsoft $168.08 Billion Technology

Our dependable data sources allow us to serve you better

  • Java annual reports and public filings
  • Java tradeshows and conferences
  • Technology surveys and feedback forms
  • Business cards and websites
  • Java ebooks and newsletter subscriptions

Marketing your Efforts in the Right Direction with our Robust Java Users Email List

Targeted marketing is the only way to go about a successful marketing run. In a pool of boundless Java users, you need to siphon out those genuinely interested in your products or services.

Our Java users list will offer targeted contacts for maximum conversions after carefully considering your company-specific marketing needs. Higher conversions, in turn, mean higher ROI, which comes with a concrete brand identity.

Here are some other advantages of leveraging our Java users mailing database:

● Helps build industry connections, dive into untread niches, and build a strong user base.
● Offers a gateway to building a robust client base and helps increase ROI.
● Improved CTR
● Minimal bounce rate
● All contact data in our massive data repository is well-structured, ready to use, and accurate.
● Transparent pricing
● Our robust data repository's information is obtained from credible and ethical sources.
● Analysis of your marketing needs and in-depth personalization of the Java users email list.
● Pre-packaged data
● Highly-responsive list
● Lifetime usage rights
● 95% deliverability rate

Furthermore, all the information in our Java users email list is curated and collated by our data experts. Then, all our data undergoes multiple automated and manual verification rounds to ensure data health.

Here are some of the top credible sources of data that our experts use to obtain contacts:

Govt records

Opt-in emails



Surveys or Feedback forms

Records of organizations

Trade shows and exhibitions

Panel Discussions

Conferences and seminars

Online Journals and Magazines

Surveys and Feedback Forms

Yellow Pages, etc.

Market Worldwide using our Segmented Java Users Mailing List

Along with data accuracy, you need robust data segmentation to market seamlessly to Java users. With so many contact fields at your fingertips, you can comfortably weave a successful email marketing strategy for better conversion rations.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the top contact fields that come paired with our Java users email list:

Email Address

Telephone number

Job title

Company name

Geographic location

Technographic data

Software version

IT/Marketing budget

Official address


Dates of renewal or purchase

SIC code

Enjoy our Well-Vetted and Comprehensive Java mailing list

Here is a list of top features that you can leverage to for higher marketing conversion with our Java users email list:

● Helps pinpoint the target audience better to prevent wasting time and resources.
● Compliance of all contact data with international privacy policies like CCPA, GDPR, etc.
● 100% data accuracy is guaranteed in our robust Java users mailing database.
● All our contact data is free of data decay and repetition since it is constantly updated and verified according to industry standards.
● We offer a personalized mailing list based on your particular marketing needs for instant conversions.

Whom to Market Using Our Java users mailing list?

Java systems are used by almost every industry out there. So, if you market products or services related to Java, you can use our Java users email list to market to individuals across the following industries:

● Finance
● Health
● Trading
● Production
● Government
● Education
● Aerospace and defense, etc.

So, if you are in the Java marketing space, it is highly recommended that you get a hold of our Java users mailing list to watch your marketing efforts garner the attention they deserve.

Customize your List by

Job Titles/ Functions

Company size

Assets Size

Geographic Locations

Zip Code



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