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Reach the targeted Salesforce users Outreach to more than 200,000 contacts Accelerate sales and revenue

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    Customize Your Salesforce Users List As Per Various Selects

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    Choose your Salesforce users list as per the requirement

    Choose the authenticated database of different Salesforce technologies. Redirect your marketing campaign on the right path with the customized Salesforce users list based on different selects company size, assets size, geographic location, industry, Zip code, NAICS code, etc. Possess optimized and updated data for high accuracy. The database cleansed every 90 days helps in instant connection with the prospect through email, direct mail, and telemarketing campaign. The database build with 100+ market researchers accelerates the marketing campaign in the right direction.
    Salesforce CRM
    Counts: 152,379
    Salesforce Force.com
    Counts: 15,607
    Salesforce.com Heroku
    Counts: 29,754
    Salesforce Pardot
    Counts: 33,746
    Salesforce Service Cloud
    Counts: 6,341
    Salesforce Sales Cloud
    Counts: 2,348
    Salesforce CPQ
    Counts: 1,126
    Salesforce DMP
    Counts: 20,116
    Salesforce Mktg Cloud
    Counts: 21,459
    Salesforce Quip
    Counts: 934
    Salesforce Chatter
    Counts: 3,548
    Salesforce Engage
    Counts: 1,584

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      Companies Currently Using Salesforce (Sample Data)

      Company Name Website Address Phone Number City State
      ABD Insurance & Financial Services www.theabdteam.com 3 W*t*r* P*rk Driv* (65*) 4**-*565 San Mateo CA
      Cobalt Truck Equipment www.cobalttruck.com 345 W**t K*rch*r R**d (***) **7-77** Nampa ID
      Cupertino Electric Inc.c www.cei.com 1132 N*rth **v*nth *tr**t (*77) 7*7-4*34 San Jose CA
      Delta Air Lines www.delta.com 1*3* D*lt* B*ul*v*rd (4*4) 7*5-*6** Atlanta GA
      FedEx www.fedex.com 368* H*ck* Cr*** R**d (9*1) 3*9-36** Memphis TN

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      If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss any aspects of targeted email list availability, please do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] or call Brad Simons at +1(732) 851 3666

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