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European markets are fast growing economic hubs. A marketer may find headroom for reaching out to executives who could become paying customers. But, to start a steam stream of conversation, you will need to identify professionals who may be looking for the right resources.

InfoClutch understands the needs from marketers and executives alike. We gather data by assessing the present requirements of executives from European markets. Our European business email list is everything you need to multiply your ROI.

Start engaging with your prospects from various regions across Europe. Our European email database is affordable, accurate, and complete. We guarantee fewer bounces and high inbox placement rates to help you close sales quickly. InfoClutch offers ethical data that leaves you free from concerns while sending out emails, newsletters, or direct mail campaigns. You can customize your list by choosing from 50+ selects to launch tailored B2B marketing communications and get conversation started at ease by choosing European Business Email List from InfoClutch.

European business email lists from InfoClutch is an extensive collection of the mailing lists from different European countries. The mailing lists cover Western European countries, Eastern European countries and also central European countries. The European Business Email list at InfoClutch is validated and verified on a monthly basis so that you do not face any inconvenience while connecting to the potential customer.

Expand your business to far and wide of Europe with the best European Business mailing list from InfoClutch. The solution provided by us effectively solves your business challenges and take your business to new heights of success. Our professionals collect data from different sources such as tech events, tradeshows, business fair, meetups, etc. We have the experience in scrutinizing quality data from various sources and adding it in the database.

We have experience in the European market and understand the business preferences and requirements of European customers. This helps us in sourcing the right data of different countries, compiling and adding it into the database. Our European Business email list connects you with the high-end European potential customer and provides you with the right approach for starting a business level conversation with the customer leading to a good number of sales. So, connect with your prospect with a professional approach with our European Business mailing list.

At InfoClutch, we render lists based on geography, and other segmented markets within the regions. Come explore the elaborate variants of European Business regions such as:

Data Card

Our European Business executive’s database has over 18 Million contacts from all verticals and all departments. Here is what the list consists of:

No. of companies No. of contacts With Postal With Phone With Email
15,20,220 18,151,240 18,151,240 18,151,240 2,456,992
Employee Size Count
0 - 100 9,742,150
100 - 250 1,339,691
250 - 500 727,132
500 - 1000 573,077
1000 - 5000 573,077
5000+ 1,501,865
Revenue Size Count
0 - 100 Mil 10,409,034
100 - 500 Mil 1,301,129
500 - 1 Bil 1,011,989
1 Bil + 1,734,839
SIC Code Industry Count
01-09 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing 320,065
10-14 Mining 47,879
15-17 Construction 1,073,176
20-39 Manufacturing 2,556,104
40-49 Transportation 665,102
SIC Code Industry Count
50-51 Wholesale/Distributors 1,127,083
52-59 Retail 2,266,740
60-67 Finance, Insurance, Real Estates 1,145,456
70-89 Services 4,743,239
91-99 Public Administration 512,148
Title / Job Function Count
CEO/Owner/President contacts 2,013,277
IT Executives 377,170
HR Executives 279,104
Finance Executives 409,213
C-Level Executives 2,695,718
Sales and Marketing executives 1,099,182
Procurement Contacts 12,162
Quality Control Contacts 98,148
Facilities Contacts 323,374
Research and Development Contacts 71,685
Customer Service Contacts 95,684
Administration Contacts 259,283
Product Managment Contacts 155,051
Others 6,567,943
CEO Developer
CFO Consultant
CTO IT Executives
CIO Sales Executives
COO Marketing Executives
President HR Executives
Director Operations Executives
Project Manager Operations Manager
Vice President Finance Consultants
Chairman Business Development Managers
Owner/Partner Managers
Analyst Executive
Treasurer Controllers
Procurement Purchasing
Research and Development etc.
Country / Territory Count
United Kingdom 2,772,775
Germany 1,608,618
France 1,258,080
Russian Federation 1,235,658
Italy 1,188,578
Spain 916,029
Ukraine 874,669
Poland 743,867
Romania 421,171
Netherlands 327,018
Belgium 216,898
Greece 216,586
Czech Republic 209,036
Portugal 206,503
Hungary 193,324
Sweden 187,448
Serbia 184,278
Belarus 181,149
Austria 165,946
Switzerland 158,773
Bulgaria 139,507
Denmark 109,772
Slovakia 106,151
Finland 105,944
Country / Territory Count
Norway 99,102
Ireland 91,033
Crotia 83,145
Bosnia and Herzegovina 74,439
Republic of Moldova 67,367
Albania 61,996
Lithuania 58,549
TFYR Macedonia 41,035
Slovenia 40,396
Lativa 39,725
Estonia 24,985
Montenegro 12,097
Luxembourg 10,447
Malta 8,372
Iceland 6,484
Channel Islands 3,168
Isle of Man 1,683
Andorra 1,560
Faeroe Islands 963
Monaco 741
Liechtenstein 724
San Marino 616
Gibraltar 571
Vatican City 16

Email counts change daily. Contact us below for latest counts for your target market.

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