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    Collaboration software leverages the technologies so that groups can cooperate, coordinate, negotiate, solve problems and share, for completing a task. The software allows managing, sharing, processing of files and documents between multiple users from anywhere.

    The different types of collaboration software are:

    • Communication
    • Conference
    • Coordination

    The features which it has are:

    • Internal communication system
    • Content creation
    • File sharing
    • Powerful search
    • Group and personal calendars

    The latest collaboration software trends are a people-centric collaboration where software developers and vendors realize that product should be useful for the end user and not for the companies, this helps in better productivity. Real-time collaboration software removes the roadblocks for improving team collaboration from anywhere and from any device. Collaboration bots will soon use the collaboration software for automating tasks in the workflow of the project.

    Global Collaboration Software Market Share (%)

    Company Name Market Share
    SAP 8.05%
    Microsoft 7.18%
    Oracle 5.6%
    Salesforce 3.48%
    IBM 2.51%
    Adobe 2.82%
    FIS Global 2.05%
    Dassault Systems 1.65%
    Finserv 1.52%
    Intuit Inc 1.38%
    Autodesk 0.92%
    Others 62.40%