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Data Licensing Services

Ensure to see the high quality and cost-effective data licensing services that allows you to work closely with customers and clients of various industries.

Why Choose Data Licensing Services from InfoClutch?

  • Team of 150+ members involved in data licensing services
  •   Comprehensive data collection process for high quality control
  • Most accurate data in the industry
  • Create and use our extracted data inside your business
  •   Re-use, redistribute amongst colleagues within the organization
  •   Customize as per your requirements and get options to address your business needs


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Our Clients:

Data Licensing is the most crucial aspect of any business; it’s simply because data is so much easier to re-use, break-up, and recombine. Without data licensing, chances are the business greatly reduces its uncertainty. Licensing data is imperative, and it’s a spectrum that calls an opportunity for good. It enables your business a reselling chance when your data, app or OEM is plugged into accurate, verified results.

We at InfoClutch are data partners by choice, who offer a wide range of solutions that fit your business needs with greater flexibility, reliability and transparently. Our license agreements with Database Licensees are specialized in a variety of diverse marketing industries, technologies and various more.

As a data owner, we own the rights to the data, and we supply our priced data with compliance, conditions, and terms of use in your business. Our licensed and prepackaged data are verified, validated on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to ensure that you see greater results. We offer data that is renowned for highest accuracy within and throughout the marketplace.

At InfoClutch, we have 550+ million email databases along with details of email addresses, names, postal addresses, SIC code segmented based on different parameters, and we as well allow you to license it at your premises as per your business needs. Take advantage of our compiled list and be prepared to take control of your email programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the approaches for data licensing?

It maintains the confidentiality of the data
Prohibits the use of the data
Obtains the access and also the ownership of the new data sets

How important is data licensing?

Data licensing can increase business opportunities for the organization. Secured data increases the credibility of the services.

Does data licensing confirm the confidentiality of the data?

Yes, it confirms the confidentiality of the data, and no third party can breach the database without your permission.

What are the benefits of data licensing?

Enhanced security
Giving you the complete ownership

What processes are involved in data licensing?

It involves:
Identifying the proprietary data
Determining if the data is IP protected
Addressing the ownership of the data
Each party’s right to usage

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