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Data Cleansing Services

Our data cleansing service ensures that only the quality data remains in the database, to make an optimized database.

Why Choose Data Cleansing Services from InfoClutch?

  • Team of 150+ members involved in data cleansing services
  •   Comprehensive data cleansing process for high quality control
  • Most accurate data in the industry
  • Create and use our extracted data inside your business
  •   Re-use, redistribute amongst colleagues within the organization
  •   Customize as per your requirements and get options to address your business needs


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Data cleansing is an integral part of the business process. Without the data cleansing, it is challenging to maintain an efficient database. Data cleansing removes the inconsistent data that have become invalid in reaching out to the customer. As the process is one of the crucial steps in the overall preparation of the data, it helps the business users to guide into the entire process with intelligent suggestions.

The data cleansing process includes discovering, structuring, cleaning, enriching, validating, and publishing. With these six-step approaches to the data cleansing and preparation process, it has been easy for removing or correcting the records, that were missing, inaccurate in the entire database.

We at InfoClutch, offer a wide range of solutions, that fits the business needs with increased reliability and flexibility. Our data cleansing service ensures that the information matches the correct fields; it does not only mean erasing the information for making space for new data but also finding a new way for maximizing the accuracy of the dataset.

As the owner of the data, we own the rights to the data. For this reason, we value data cleansing service for filtering out any unwanted outliers. Our data is known for the highest accuracy, and quality. The database is validated on a three-month basis to make it an optimized and comprehensive one. So, take advantage of our compiled list, for taking full control of the email campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of data cleansing?

Data cleansing is a crucial tool that helps to maintain the validity of the data in your database. It maintains the quality of data by regularly cleaning and removing the errors, thus making your database an optimized one.

How are data enrichment and data cleansing related?

Data enrichment and data cleansing are highly related. There are many forms of data enrichment, such as appending email addresses and telephone information. The other forms of data enrichment are removing duplicate information, correcting the addresses, among others. The above processes are also followed in data cleansing, thus data enrichment is just an enhancement of the data cleansing process.

What are the different steps used in data cleansing?

The different steps used in data cleansing are monitoring the errors, removing unwanted data, fixing the structural errors, managing the unwanted outliers, handling the missing data, etc.

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