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Case Study: InfoClutch facilitated a top healthcare company to connect with accurate decision-maker

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Client Background

The client is one of the quality healthcare service providers that offer innovative solutions to its customers. It has its offices located in various parts of the world, such as USA, Poland, Ukraine, and Colombia. The headquarters are located in Orlando, USA. The company combines business intelligence for addressing different corporate challenges. It offers expertise for risk management and business continuity in an organization.

Client Context

Their services have a customer-centric approach that works with the help of the best insights leading to better results. It is in the business for more than 29 years and has 6 innovation and development centers. It has flexible engagement models, and full compliance. The solutions they provide have successfully helped many businesses achieve the target easily.


Although as a leading service provider to healthcare companies, the client faced the challenge of connecting with the right decision-maker and clinicians. As known, if you don’t connect with the exact decision-maker, it would lead you nowhere. Your conversation won’t deliver the results as these executives would have to further consult with the final decision-makers to give the nod for the business collaboration with your organization. So, it just becomes a time-consuming process where the sales process is further elongated. Sometimes, a long sales cycle isn’t good for the organization as the competitor might acquire a customer in the process.
The client needed the complete details of the right decision-makers such as the email id, mailing address, contact number, company’s revenue so that accordingly they could plan the strategy to connect with the prospect.

Offered solutions

The InfoClutch team offered them comprehensive solutions that helped their team reaching out to the best customer through different channels such as telemarketing, direct mail and email campaign. The business data comprises the crucial information helping them connect at the time when they can actually communicate rightly.

The InfoClutch team professionally addressed all the challenges to offer best solutions:


20% click-through rate
450% increase in ROI
15% response rate
30% open rate

Let Us Help You With The Right Prospect Data

Let Us Help You With The Right Prospect Data

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