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Case Study: Data-Driven Marketing for an boutique AI Consulting firm Helped Amplify Sales and Improve Customer Engagement 10X

data driven marketing for an boutique AI consulting firm

Client Background

The client is a medium-sized boutique Artificial Intelligence consulting firm with headquarters located in the United States. They offer AI-powered digital products and services to help businesses amplify their productivity, catering tailored solutions for industries like healthcare, marketing, finance, eCommerce and manufacturing.

Client Context

Despite being a medium-sized business, the client serves over 200 clients in more than five countries worldwide. Their high-tech solutions are popular among various industry leaders in multiple domains. Additionally, they have a strong outreach team adept at highlighting the company’s uniqueness in the market and offering their solutions to industry leaders.


While the company had a robust marketing system in place, it struggled with acquiring authentic leads. As a result, an estimated 25% of their marketing efforts produced cold leads or redundant contacts. Data was also challenging to obtain and required the team to spend countless hours finding a few contacts in the vast public repository.
The low success rate consumed extensive resources and incurred high costs for the company. The primary reason was the absence of a reliable database that would provide them with comprehensive insights into their ideal customer profile (ICP) and allow them the flexibility to design personalized campaigns.
In the absence of accurate data, the client could not predict the needs of their target audience and analyze their buying pattern. It was also tricky to identify buyer personas and base the marketing campaigns according to the preferences of key decision-makers.

Offered solutions

When InfoClutch partnered up with the client, we took cognizance of their problems and helped connect them with various authentic business owners with our database. We understood that tapping into the vast market cannot be achieved through a single channel, so we provided mailing lists and our contact database to aid their multilevel marketing campaigns.
InfoClutch also facilitated targeting marketing by offering segmentations in our database, with fields like first name, last name, geographical area and contact number, among others. This was another vital factor that assisted the client in pursuing geo-targeting and increased awareness about their use of AI to power up business capabilities and streamline operations.


After leveraging our diverse contact database, the client successfully increased conversions by 40% and noticed an impact on the click-through rate of their campaigns. Since our database promised accuracy, the brand also used the insights from their campaigns to understand the ideal time for sending emails and the average response time taken by the users.
Combing all of these insights helped them increase their efficiency rate by 25%. Additionally, the ROI went hand-in-hand, rising by a margin of 12%!

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