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    Purchase the authenticated database of different Amazon technologies. Acquire the solution which is updated every 90 days to make an instant connection with the potential customer via direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaign. The database developed by 100+ market researchers guides your marketing campaign in the right direction. The customized AWS users list based on different selects such as geographic location, company size, zip code, assets size, NAICS code, etc. provides a seamless connection with the prospect.
    Amazon RDS
    Counts: 2,381
    Amazon EC2
    Counts: 253,552
    Amazon S3
    Counts: 395,339
    Amazon SimpleDB
    Counts: 917
    Elastic Beanstalk
    Counts: 5,329
    Amazon Glacier
    Counts: 2,458
    Amazon Redshift
    Counts: 5,643
    Amazon ELB
    Counts: 112,381
    Amazon ElastiCache
    Counts: 3,482
    Amazon AWS
    Counts: 2,653,284
    AWS Lambda
    Counts: 4,265
    Amazon Cloudwatch
    Counts: 5,882

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      Companies Currently Using AWS (Sample Data)

      Company Name Website Address Phone Number City State
      BNG Holdings Inc www.bngholdingsinc.com ***5 P***rie Pa***ay (***) 5**-**39 West Fargo ND
      Coleman Cable Inc www.colemancable.com ***0 Sh***ds D***e (***) 6**-23** Waukegan IL
      Connecticut Fertility Associates www.ctfertility.com 4*** M*** S***et (***) 3*3-12** Bridgeport CT
      Draka USA www.drakausa.com *** Jo***h East W***er Bo***v*** (***) **2-**44 Taunton MA
      Era Helicopters LLC www.erahelicopters.com Ci***en*** ***, v T*** & Co***ry Bo***v*** (***) **9-47** Houston TX

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