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    Supply Chain Management software facilitates a comprehensive management process, involving flow, manufacture, and supply of goods where raw materials are converted into final products. The streamlined process followed in supply chain management maximizes the customer value and helps in winning a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Supply chain seamlessly connects individuals, resources, technologies, organizations involved in the manufacture, production and supply process of a product. It encompasses the activities such as handling of materials, fulfilling orders, keeping track of information of all the parties, participating in the entire process who are wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, logistics provider, and supplier.

    The software provides support to the processes involved in it such as:

    • Purchase order processing
    • Supplier sourcing
    • Inputs of customer requirements processing
    • Sales and distribution
    • Warehouse management
    • Inventory management

    The advantages which supply chain management software provides are:

    • Higher efficiency rate
    • Decreased Costs
    • Increased output
    • Enhanced cooperation level
    • Increased business profit
    • Faster process
    • Streamlined supply chain process

    Global Supply Chain Management Software Market Share (%)

    Company Name Market Share
    SAP 26.6%
    Oracle 13.7%
    JDA 4.4%
    Infor 2.3%
    Manhattan Associates 1.8%
    Others 51.1%