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    Cloud computing is an information technology (IT) that supplies on-demand delivery of computing power, applications, database storage, and other IT resources through a cloud service platform via the internet. In simple terms, it stores and processes things over the internet on “pay as you go” basis. It enables companies to consume a computing resource such as Virtual Machine, storage or an application as a utility.

    Cloud computing services are available in three different modes which are public, private and hybrid. In the public cloud model, the third-party cloud service provider is facilitated to deliver the cloud service over the internet.

    Hybrid model is a combination of public cloud services and the on-premises private cloud. Companies are enabled to run critical workloads and applications on the private cloud and the public cloud is used to handle the cloud burst. The major goal of the hybrid cloud is to create a unified, scalable and automated environment by maintaining control over critical data.

    Private cloud services are delivered from data centers to internal users. The private cloud offers versatility and preserves management and control to the data centers.

    Cloud computing reduces the cost of managing and maintaining the IT systems and equipment for your business. It usually relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

    Global Cloud Computing Software Market Share (%)

    Company Name Cloud Computing Market Share
    AWS 32%
    Microsoft Azure 18%
    Google Cloud 6%
    Alibaba Cloud 5%
    Others 38.6%