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What is Asset Management Software?
Asset Management Software is used for tracking an asset throughout the lifecycle. This software is used for managing both the hardware and software assets. An accurate IT asset inventory helps the companies to use their assets effectively. It enables the organizations for lowering the risk costs. It provides many other applications such as optimization of supplier portfolio, streamlining the procurement process, vendor audit, optimized licensing costs, etc. The key goals of the software are to improve productivity by the deployment of technology which supports both the business and user needs, minimize IT overhead costs, enforcing compliance with corporate policies and reducing support costs.

    Market Share of Companies supplying the Asset Management Software

    Company Name Share
    NetSuite 46.6%
    Deltek 7.5%
    Unit4 4.5%
    Microsoft 1.6%
    Others 39.8%
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    The benefits of Asset Management Software:

    • Maximizing the value of the asset
    • Cost transparency enabling decision-making process
    • Software license compliance
    • Managing both services and assets
    • Tracking performance of vendor and supplier
    • Allocation of assets through the optimized process