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What is CAD Software?
CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software is a type of software used by engineers and designers to aid in the creation, analysis, modification or optimization of a design. It is used by architects, artists, drafters, engineers, and others to create precision drawings or technical illustrations. This improves communications, increases productivity and the quality of design through documentation.

Types of CAD Software?
Ideally, there are a distinct variety of CAD software’s available in the market today for different businesses and are classified based on the 4 methods below:

    1. 2D CAD: This is one of the most familiar types of software which appears flat in 2 dimensions and hence are called 2D models. These are mostly found in industries like interior design, architecture, aerospace, cartography, automotive, civil engineering, landscaping, and even fashion. These drawings mainly rely on basic geographic shapes like rectangles, lines, circles, etc.
    2. 3D CAD: These models have uses similar to those of 2D models except that they provide more significant details about the individual components. They are profoundly used in the creation of solid objects like bridges, buildings, and machine parts. 3D CAD drafting is more inclined to resemble real-life objects rendering more realistic approach. With most CAD software around, it is possible to convert 2D drawings to 3D. Images formed using 3D software can be viewed and rotated in any direction either X, Y or Z.
    3. 3D Wireframe: It is the extended version of 3D models that create skeleton models with lines and arcs. It is a visual representation of a 3D object using computer graphics making everything in the background visible.
    4. Surface Modelling: It is one of the favorite technique used in architectural designs and renderings. Unlike wireframe models, these are created by joining 3D surfaces making the background invisible. They are quite realistic and makes it easy for users to look at the specific models at specific angles with precise solid surfaces.

Importance of CAD for any Business.
In this digital era, low cost and high productivity are of prime importance, and CAD serves the purpose. As per the survey done by Flat word solutions, businesses migrating to CAD can save around 60 to 70% of the costs. The scope of CAD is high, and the technology has been a huge turning point for the better.

Companies today need not depend on paper, pencils, rulers, compasses and other tools to go about their drafting their design.

Benefits of CAD:
There are plenty of benefits using CAD software, and some of them are:

  1. Increases the productivity of the designer: This primarily helps companies to reduce risk and create high-quality products.
  2. It ensures efficient management: The complex designs which require multiple design configurations can be efficiently managed.
  3. Easy tracking, accessibility, and rectification: It is easy to track or migrate or retrieve old data when needed, and rectifies if any poor quality data is left unidentified.
  4. Keeps users updated: Allows organizations to keep themselves updated with the latest design when there are any modifications in the software in the industry.
  5. Less manual errors: The software automatically reduces the manual intervention of design by automating the processes and thereby reduces errors during the design phase.

Most Popular CAD Software’s in the market.

  1. AutoDesk AutoCAD
  2. TurboCAD 2016 Deluxe
  3. Shapr3D
  4. Tinkercad
  5. Solidworks
  6. AutoDesk Inventor
  7. ACTCAD Professional

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