marketing cloud platform

Marketing cloud is one of the platforms to deliver relevant, and personalized journeys to customers, across different devices and channels. It enables marketers to deliver the right message at the right time throughout the customer cycle. The platform includes solutions for mobile, web personalisation, customer journey, content creation, and data analysis.

Benefits of Marketing Cloud of being a cloud-based platform:

Marketing cloud enables in delivering the application functionality and data throughout the web, removing the hassle to store the data in hardware drive, laptop, etc. Marketers can access the data from the cloud whenever and wherever it is required.

How does it help marketers in managing customer journeys?

Marketing cloud steers the connection of different interactions from the various channels. It helps in the best unification of the customer data and their behaviors on a real-time basis for developing more useful communications and anticipating the right customer needs. Every interaction is then made a personalized one helping the customer in a unique journey. There are many online applications used for promotional purpose such as tools and media. Find out some of them here:

1) Google Analytics
2) Google Social Reports

1) Facebook
2) Pinterest
3) Twitter
4) Linkedin

The top benefits of using marketing cloud are that it helps businesses in:

Customization: Customization helps businesses in producing effective and relevant advertisements to target a potential customer. It helps in delivering personalized customer experience based on the user journey and engagement.
Reducing the costs: It also reduces the complexity of running the IT infrastructure and the operational costs.
Understanding behavioral pattern: Molding the customer experience with the help of predictive analytics. Through this, one can understand the behavioral pattern of the customer, and take the full advantage of it.
Increased efficiency: Cloud marketing minimizes the time in executing most of the marketing tasks.

The top marketing cloud platforms are:



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