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Data storage management is the process followed in an organization for storing the valuable data. It might be through the usage of different techniques or with the help of the software, hardware. When an organization has a well-defined storage process, then it becomes easier to retrieve the data, whenever required. As data is valuable for the organization, data storage management is also one of the critical processes for an organization. The continual improvement in the data management process helps in the innovative data storage and data protection capabilities.

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With the competitive market scenario, many organizations are expanding their business that is also leading to the increase of data.

So, how do you meet this requirement?

The key here is to maximize the performance of the existing resources in the organization so that the ever-increasing data can be safely stored in the same. Storage management also helps to improve the performance of the data center.

You need to also choose the right data storage management solution, so that you do not face any disruption in the management of data. The following features are a must-have while choosing the accurate data management solution for your business:

  • Choose the one having right server: Servers are known to have better storage potential and can be used as virtual SAN or as a server SAN. When you have the right server aligned with the business requirements of the organization, then you can be assured of the safety of the data.
  • Cost factor: The cost factor matters but not in the long run. You should understand as an organization, you have a complex business process that has to run efficiently. So, while choosing the data storage management, you should check, whether the storage management would provide the service as per the cost of the solution.
  • Checking the encryption process of the data: You should also check whether there is the right encryption process of the data. It helps in providing the right security of the data. Having the right security is mandatory for any organization and should not be compromised at any cost. The right encryption process ensures that the confidential and sensitive data does not get leaked out.

The benefits that an organization receives from the data storage management process are:

  • Storage management technologies: There are storage management technologies such as deduplication, storage virtualization, and others that help businesses in utilizing the existing data stored at the repository.
  • Techniques: The data storage management techniques help to simplify the overall process of storage. The techniques are divided into different categories, such as based on performance, capacity, ability to recover, and the availability.
  • Reduces the cost and saves time: Every organization is looking to reduce the costs. Data storage management helps in this process and reduces both the operational and capital expenses. The process also helps to save time by automating the repetitive tasks. With this, organizations would not need much human resources for the storage infrastructure.
  • Reduces the complexity of the storage: Data storage management reduces the complex process followed in the storing of data. As the management becomes more streamlined, every data can be easily stored. Even AI becomes challenging when there is no proper data management. This process helps to prioritize the data initiatives.

Data Storage Management association with SAN, NAS, and Implementation:

Data storage management has often been closely associated with different storage solutions that include NAS (Network attached storage devices) and SAN (Storage area networks).

The deployment of the data management depends on the type of vendor selected. It can be included in the hardware device or can be used as a software depending on the requirements of the organization.

Examples of Companies using Cloud in the Data Storage:

With cloud increasingly being used in organizations, some companies have successfully implemented cloud in the data storage management. ONEHUB is such company that has successfully implemented cloud in their data storage management. This company, based out of Seattle, Washington, provides the file sharing solutions and data storage via cloud. The company which has a separate infrastructure helps businesses store the required data and enable the authorized users to share the files. It is one of the good examples of how information is shared with complete security.

Future of Data Storage Management Solution:

It is an evergreen solution. Companies would always need to manage a huge volume of data. Customers are seeing data management solution as the foundation for the hybrid clouds. The high demand for data protection services is also accelerating the usage of data management solution. The archived data, the old and important data, is considered as a valuable asset and has to be protected. There will be increased opportunities from the data governance and data forensic services.

Ensuring Successful Data Storage Management Solution:

A successful data storage management solution is all about leveraging the right technologies for the configuration purpose and then storing and reporting the different storage activities aligned with the policies of the organization.  It reduces the risk of data leakage and ensures that there is a systematic application of the resources, thus supporting the business activities of the organization.

A successful storage management solution is known to include 3 main areas such as the capacity planning, the process of change management, performance and the much needed tiered storage. All this helps to ensure a successful process of the storage of data.

Data Storage Companies:

The different data storage companies in the market are:

  • NetApp
  • PureStorage
  • Dell EMC
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Seagate Technology


Data storage management would always be needed till the time organizations are functioning. It should be noted that the process does not increase the storage capacity but optimize the existing resources to perform the best. It includes everything be it through techniques, software, or hardware. An efficient data storage management increases the productivity and improves the business results of the organization. A comprehensive data management system is the need of the hour, and every business should implement it the right way.

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