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What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning is business process management software that is differently implemented by different organizations. In general, ERP manages and integrates all the core processes that a company needs into a single system and streamlines the entire information across the organization.

How does ERP integration work?

Indeed ERP isn’t a small software; it’s been a multibillion-dollar industry over the past decade used by SME, SMB or large scale industries. To increase Business efficiency companies have been integrating ERP with other enterprise software to meet growing demands in business. How it works or runs merely depends on the organization’s size, needs, and business type.

Benefits of ERP integration:

Knowing your customers is a skill, and this skill comes at a value, and this value allows you to have 320-degree view of your customer’s data, better & easy access to your customer’s information, streamlined business process.

Few of the other benefits include security with built-in protections, mobility and flexibility, complete customization, improved data quality – productivity, easier forecasting & reporting and more.

Different ERP types:

It’s ideal always to choose what is better for your business or company and here are some of the types of ERP.

Cloud ERP:

It’s a software that makes use of cloud computing platforms allowing users to access software over the internet through a web browser. It’s one of the most flexible as this is accessible anywhere one has the internet connection. That is suitable for SME and SMB’s as it provides access to multiple functional applications at a reasonable price.

On-Premise ERP:

It’s a software that is locally installed on computers servers further managed by IT Staff and requires in-house servers at a physical location.

Hybrid ERP:

The combination of Cloud EPR and On-Premise ERP is Hybrid ERP, where the software itself isn’t owned instead provided as a service on a subscription basis, and part of the applications are hosted by 3rd party.

Prominent ERP software providers:

    1. SAP
    2. Microsoft Dynamics
    3. IFS Applications
    4. Oracle ERP
    5. JD Edwards and more.

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