QlikView Customers List

QlikView is a PC-based guided analytics tool provided by Qlik, a software company based in the United States. Famously known as a leader in the data analytics market, they offer intuitive platform-based solutions for all the self-service data visualization, dashboards, embedded and custom analytics tools, and many more to approximately 45,000 customers across the globe. Their software product ‘QlikView’ allows you to make the most of the data. It lets you build your guided analytics applications with the help of a flexible, business-ready solution. That is, you can quickly develop and deploy analytic apps without any professional skills.

With the help of this tool, you can discover more profound insights that make a transformative difference for your organization. QlikView is built to take interactive data discovery to a new level. It enables free exploration for users, allows you to deploy with enterprise-class scalability as well as management tools, offers mobility and collaboration options for the team. In addition to these features, Qlik also provides several supporting products for QlikView that enhance the value of this tool. It includes Qlik NPrinting, Qlik DataMarket, and Qlik Connectors.

  • Number of Companies Using QlikView – 16,221
  • Total Contacts Available – 54,282

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Business Intelligence Software Market Share (in %)

Company Name Share
Microsoft 49%
Tableau 20%
QlikView 13%
Oracle 8%
SAP BusinessObjects 7%
Others 3%