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Electronic Health Record software users list will show you the way to companies who are customers of electronic health record software.

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  • More than 9,000 contacts of EHR Software users across the globe
  • Email and Tele-verified EHR software users list
  • Responsive and up-to-date information, free from old & irrelevant data
  • Team of 100+ Market Researchers in Building High-quality Email List
  • Customization of EHR software users list based on your marketing requirements
  • Collected from authentic sources, we offer maximum accuracy of information


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Here Is A Segmented List Of leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) Softwares

Take a look at all popular Electronic Health Record software users list we track

Epic EMR




Allscripts Eclipsys

Practice Fusion

IBM InfoSphere Patient Hub

McKesson Patient Folder

ADP AdvancedMD

Allscripts HealthMatics

Amazing Charts

Allscripts TouchWorks

NextGen Healthcare

AGFA Heartlab

Epic MyChart

Varian ARIA

3M ClinTrac

Epic Tapestry

electronis health record

Growth in the healthcare industry has been immense in the past decade. This growth calls for effective software to tackle the huge database in the healthcare sector.

At InfoClutch, you not only receive a segmented EHR users contact list but also ensure better ROI on omnichannel marketing campaigns. Our high-quality data solutions will open the doors to a successful B2B marketing campaign!

As a result, the efficiency of EHR software in empowering medical professionals has become more apparent than ever. An EHR users email list comprises all the healthcare professionals who digitally consolidate patient data.

Features of EHR users email list

While many EHR solution providers are available in the market, our EHR users email database helps prominent players make their mark in the industry.

Below are some features of the EHR users email list:

• Over 9000 verified EHR software users across the globe
• 100% verification through email and telephone
• Constant upgradation of the EHR users contact list with a guarantee of responsiveness
• More than 100 market researchers are working relentlessly to curate EHR users email database

• Customizing every list as per the requirements of the campaign
• Maintaining the accuracy of information by collecting data from authentic sources

The data experts and market researchers update the list weekly and monthly. This ensures the delivery of only relevant and verified data to the client.
Additionally, the EHR users mailing list has minimum redundancy to reduce the bounce rate of the marketing campaign.

List of EHR users email list
Company Name Company Size Company Revenue


1600 $100 million

APDerm Network of Practices

150 $15 million

Cleveland Clinic Martin Health

597 $5 million

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

5500 $1.2 billion

Texas Children’s Hospital

13000 $4.4 billion

Caldwell Hospital

200 $16 million

An EHR users contact list can help you reach out to eminent clients, as mentioned above. Despite all the mentioned clients hailing from the US, you can customize yours to target global businesses.

Leverage the power of a segmented database for B2B marketing campaigns

Due to a lack of authenticity and insufficient market research, B2B marketers fail to see the desired outcome of their campaigns. This is where the team of InfoClutch helps provide an EHR users contact list that fits the client’s requirements.

Thus, with proper segmentation, it becomes easier to generate maximum leads by boosting the conversion rate of the campaign. Below is a list of filters used by our team to segment the database:

• Name of the company
• Annual revenue of the company
• Geographical location
• Email address
• Mailing address
• Phone number
• Fax number
• SIC code
• NAIC code
• Number of employees

In addition, clients can request additional filters like job titles, technology tracking, and zip code for further customization. By doing this, you can ensure that the campaign is reaching the right prospects and that you receive fruitful insights from it.

Benefits of EHR users email list for multichannel marketing

Why stick to a single marketing channel when there are multiple ways to drive conversions?

Whether a personalized email marketing campaign or responsive telemarketing leads – InfoClutch’s database can fulfill all business requirements. By relying on the EHR users contact list, you are improving the ROI and saving time.

The sole aim of curating and segmenting the data is to help you focus on a core task while our data experts do market research and verification.

The EHR users mailing list and email list consist of information applicable to multichannel marketing campaigns. Below are the key highlights of the list that make it versatile for the campaign:

• High accuracy in targeting the leads and ensuring maximum conversion rate
• Improved deliverability with an authentic database
• Using trusted sources to collect the data
• Extremely responsive data at a competitive price
• No redundancy and comprehensive information in each data card
• Customizable with multiple filters based on the requirements of the campaign

From the local to the global market, you can create awareness about your product using the data from InfoClutch. Our directory contains information on EHR software users from the US, Europe, the UK, Africa, Asia, Australia, and more.

Who can benefit from the EHR users email list?

Every brand, product developer, or service provider in the healthcare industry can benefit from an EHR users contact list. Considering the genuine information in each data card, one can build long-term relationships with medical professionals.

Below are the people who can reach out to EHR software users to promote their products or services:

• Software maintenance providers
• EHR software developers
• Event and seminar organizers
• C-level executives of software companies

There is no doubt that InfoClutch is leading in database solutions for excellent marketing campaigns. Hence, connect with a broader audience and target your leads with the help of our database.

Connect with us to expand your B2B network!

Customize your List by

Job Titles/ Functions

Company size

Assets Size

Geographic Locations

Zip Code



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the EHR users contact list help in improving ROI?

Yes. The database from InfoClutch is authentic and verified at multiple levels. Additionally, the segmentation filters allow you to target the audience accurately.

2. Is the EHR users mailing list accurate?

The data experts and market researchers at InfoClutch perform multiple verifications to ensure the data's authenticity.

3. What is the frequency of updating EHR users email database?

To minimize the bounce rate of the campaign, the InfoClutch team updates the data every 90 days. As a result, the database remains up to date with industry trends and free from errors.

4. Do the EHR users mailing list help in telemarketing?

Each data card from InfoClutch consists of the updated phone number of the lead. Hence, you can execute an effective telemarketing campaign using this database.

5. What are the primary filters used for data segmentation?

While there are several filters, the basic ones include SIC code, geographical location, asset size, and NAIC code.

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