How your social media audience contributes to content marketing

Have you ever wondered how you are paying too much into your PPC Campaign’s but they aren’t producing the results that you need? Are you investing money to confuse your visitors? The answer can be quite shocking to know, but the fact is that paid advertisements are in the critical state. If you want to see a long-term potential in organic media, it’s better to extend your reach and invest in quality content. Not only does paid media with poor content puts you into a mad rush, but it as well brings you an unwanted burden.

“No amount of paid media investment can turn a bad content creation into a good content.”

Organic and better content has always got a staying power, it can build authority to your brand while being relevant to the social media reach. It can boost traffic, improve leads and drive conversions.

It’s a matter of how you share and make better use of the content marketing. Simply pumping poor quality content and investing 100’s and 1000’s of dollars won’t stop people look at it, but it will boost the same poor content for customers who aren’t still interested. Hence, good content is always a win out. Creating high-quality content will not just perform organically well but also compels visitors to share it and link

Here are some ways for you to be successful in organic social media and content marketing strategy:

True trust start’s with your audience:
Social media is popping up almost every day, and opportunities are knocking. What worked back in 90’s won’t necessarily work today. It’s mandatory for you to understand what your audience wants and how exactly you can build the trust.

Jeff Bullas says: “Building trust with your customers goes a long way. There’s no substituting that!”

Building and maintaining your first circle audience is truly influential. Today, its more resonating that people evaluate whether or not to share and re-share based on who shared the piece of content with them than where it actually came from. This likely indicates that your audience either be your greatest asset or biggest barrier. So the criteria here is to build trust by creating great content that conduits social reach rather than being a roadblock.

Be consistent with your brand:
A suitable social media and content strategy is the key to the success of any marketing campaign. Consistency is the tone used in organic social media marketing that in turn improves your brand reputation. Repeatedly crafting good content not just builds engagement, but also draws in users.

Regular interactions between the consumers and the brands have proven effective and successful that it’s vital for companies to plan their daily conversation. Answering buyer’s questions on company’s social media pages is the commitment that you deliver to customers. This will develop and deliver your brand to be consistent, central and reliable.

Focus your efforts in the right place:
Identifying where your target audience base is the 1st thing that you must concentrate before you proceed any further. Expressing the right message to the right target is the key to a guaranteed success. This is a critical decision as you will be dedicating loads of time and effort in growing the specific social media channel.

We hear it all the time: “find your target audience and create interesting content.” It helps SEO, creates traffic inflow and helps you go viral.

Work smarter than harder to discover your target audience and know what they want. Go on finding competitor forums, conduct surveys, work on keyword research, and on social networks, but make sure to serve your purpose. Ultimately, it’s the users who matter, for everything from brand to Return on Investment.

Demonstrate transparency in social media reach:
An established business is the one that is always built on transparency. It not just builds relationships with your clients but also welcomes investors and other stakeholders. Transparency carries significant weight in today’s business, it is much more than a just a buzzword.

Use effective content strategies and have interactions that allow you to understand your customers better. An online community is an effective way to enhance your organic social media reach while establishing a culture of transparency, deepen customer relationship and increase employee trust.

Optimize your social media profiles:
To truly optimize your organic social media, it’s important for you to have a record of customer’s data, information, and behavior plugged into the CRM. Also, make the best use of the category and subcategory pages and the title names in addition to having the keyword listed.

Opportunities knock from any corner and anytime. Your chance of engaging with the audience on social media might quickly churn a chance so as for your prospects to click through your site. You are just building your online presence every time you post a quality content or engage your users with your brand. So it’s then important for you to showcase and optimize your social media profile. Using powerful display images and username, providing a clear description of what you want to convey, using an appropriate range of keywords, linking your page with most relevant page/blog/website will not only improve your engagement but also boosts your search ranking.

Keep track of social media Algorithms:
Off all that is being adopted in this digital world, changing social media algorithms are among the big talk about. The way algorithms are changing is ironic. There is huge information that’s been shared, and there certainly is a big drop in the organic reach, but that doesn’t mean the game is over.

There is still a way to overcome things for good, understanding algorithms, sharing the high-quality content, knowing your target audience will certainly help you rise.

Take Away: When you think of promoting your content online, use the above strategies and apply them to run your organic social media marketing. Organic social media reach is the best to get to a top notch and can be a perfect setting for your brand.

We aren’t against the paid social media, it certainly has its role to play. As long as you know your audience and know how you can benefit from your brand, you are all good to go.

Robert Jordan, a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, currently working as Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc. Have expertise in setting up the lead flow for budding startups and takes it to next level. Have a deep interest in SEO, SEM & Social Media related discussions. Always open for new ideas & discussions.

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