Email Marketing Campaign Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help in better understanding of the email marketing campaign. You can understand the technology, marketing channels, tools which can improve the performance of email marketing. The survey has queries related to marketing channels, tools, and technology, which are known to improve the performance of email marketing. By analyzing the answers, we can get deeper insights into the email marketing process.

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1. Have you implemented email marketing campaign in your marketing process?
2. Are you planning to implement email marketing strategy in your business?pick one!
3. How much click-through rate (CTR) are you getting?pick one!
4. How much percentage of ROI have you generated from your email marketing?
5. Has email marketing been the most effective mode for your business?pick one!
6. How often do you send emails?pick one!
7. Which tools are you using for email marketing?pick one!
8. Did email marketing receive the major share of your allocated marketing budget?
9. If not, are you planning to add email in the next budget?pick one!
10. Do you use any other digital channel for generating online leads?pick one!
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