6 Ultimate Ways to Generate Maximum Email Marketing Revenues

As a marketer, you probably know it that email marketing is one of the highest grossing online marketing channels that can generate highest ROI’s, mainly when it’s used right. You also know that cultivating a long list of email contacts won’t serve the purpose for you may easily get lost in the journey.

But there is something that you may not be sure of. Merely having the quantity over quality wouldn’t fetch you with positive Return on Investment (ROI). It’s only been effective for a small fraction of marketers who have had the chance to find the key, and for the rest, it’s still a HUGE problem.

The big question here is: How do you capitalize on knowing the most effective marketing methods to generate maximum revenues in the most measurable way?

Here are the 6 ultimate and the exact ways to stay unstoppable:

1. Personalization makes its mark:
Well it stands out from the rest. Though there is nothing especially radical about the idea, personalization in the context is proven to increase your open and click-through rates. Personalizing your campaigns and using tactics like subscribers name, drafting content based on the subscriber’s location, gender, business type and various other things.

According to Accenture: 75% of buyers will probably buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, prescribes alternatives based on past buys.

One size doesn’t fit all, bringing in these disciplines and methods will certainly improve your marketing campaign by moving your program along the curve. So if you are on your toes to boost your ROI, personalization is a great option.

2. Optimization and clean data matters:
Well this is no exception, all the promotional and transactional emails that we send remain dead if our emails are not read. Today 66% of emails are read on smartphones or mobile phones, and the rest are read on desktop or tablets. So, it’s ideal to ensure your website is optimized for visitors who access from mobile devices.

While you optimize, it’s also essential to maintain the rich quality of data as a Metrix as it does a lot of good things from improving deliverability, increasing conversions to bringing sales. Another actionable insight that a clean data can bring is it lowers bounce rates acting as a direct impact on the conversion rate from a lead to customer.

3. Focus on data appending:
Data appending and Data quality go hand in hand. A successful email list is what brings you the maximum ROI, and that maximum ROI can be achieved by your email list & its hygiene. Identifying and compiling data, reformatting, matching, updating and verifying the missing data with the fresh data is a part of the everyday job for any email marketing company. It’s as well considered as one of the essential factors that can boost your ROI. So it is always wise to seek well-appended data from the email vendor you operate with.

4. Strike a balance in your segmentation:
Segmentation has been the key to success in many email marketing campaigns. Segmentation with the help of the automation tool can bring untapped potential to wake up to the possibilities. Today we have many such tools that come handy to help in simplifying your routine.

As a marketer, your approach may vary depending on the Demographics, engagements, geographic area, age, gender and many more. This not just leads to the betterment of your campaign but also penetrates the market by better understanding and to retain the customer.

5. Run contexts to keep your subscribers engaged:
One of the best ways to re-invite your inactive subscribers is by welcoming them participate in your vivid contests. When your subscribers are receiving 1000’s of emails every day, the only way to win their attention is by engaging them with contests. This can be win-win for both you and your subscriber to be happy.

Re-engagements and these contests can be your opportunity to either introduce them to the new brand or to promote your existing one.Another simple tactic that can excite people is to simply use their name and offer discounts on their birthdate’s to initiate marketing promotions.

For Example: “It’s your day Sam, and we offer you a striking discount of $10 off of a $50 purchase. Have a great birthday.”

6. Make your Call to Action crystal and clear:
A perfect CTA is the king and is the vital component to elicit a response or to evoke a deal. After all, the purpose of your marketing campaign is met only with the better utilization of CTA. Marketers, in fact, look at them as a key driver of leads generation.

While you invest in explaining your subscribers the importance of your CTA, it’s for you to make them aware of what’s impossible to miss. Your readers are more likely to sign up only when you show them “what’s in it for them.”

For example: Apart from just calling them to sign up for your campaign, it’s ideal to leave them with benefits of their subscription with the brand.

Robert Jordan, a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, currently working as Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc. Have expertise in setting up the lead flow for budding startups and takes it to next level. Have a deep interest in SEO, SEM & Social Media related discussions. Always open for new ideas & discussions.

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