Why Should You Use Technographics Data?

Benefits of using technographic data
  • Nov 06, 2018
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
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The fast changing technology is the primary challenge which major companies are facing in today’s scenario. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, etc. are making disruptive changes thus impacting the business structure of the industries. As per an article published by McKinsey, business leaders of B2B companies have to keep up with the fast-moving technology and strategize themselves better, to face any confrontation in their companies in the coming years.

They should opt for the right technology which should fulfill their current and future technical requirements.

What is the real solution to resolve this challenge?

B2B Companies need real-time solutions to resolve their challenges effectively, as the implementation of any technical strategy requires an enormous amount of investment. Understanding their core technical challenge and addressing it, by aligning their technical requirements and business requirements makes the process easier.

Technographic data helps in analyzing the current and future tech-related business opportunities for B2B companies. It’s the report based on the necessary variant data, such as demand for various technologies as per the country, region, industry, companies, revenue, employee size, etc. thus enabling the top leaders to strategize their marketing approach to target the right prospects.


Do you want to acquire accurate Technographics data?

Absolute technographic data includes:

  1.  The primary information which is the contact details of the technological companies, top executives along with their designation.
  2. Statistical data related to technology concerning all the above variant factors.
    The compiled technographic data is one of the fastest-growing targeting tactics for the B2B company. It facilitates the sales team in their daily work by reducing their time spent on prospecting and increasing that on selling.
    The streamlined marketing approach targets a group of companies or industries based on the technographic description. Data includes the software and hardware stack of an organization, the installed location of the technology, the approach for installation of the latest technology, amongst others.

What do you benefit by using technographics?

1)Personalized relationships:

It helps in fostering meaningful relationships with the marketers and the company’s decision-makers. When one understands the technology stack of their customers, it becomes easier to communicate freely.

2) Efficient tracking of ROI:
How can you know which marketing strategy worked for a specific company?
Technographics facilitates the companies to keep track of marketing investment and ROI. It helps in better understanding of marketing promotion of what is going to work for which company.

3) Get the result-oriented insights:
Market intelligence helps in collecting the technographic data from phone surveys, digital scraping, and data modeling. Segmentation is done on the basis of three main factors which are motivation, revenue, and technology to get the perfect technographic data. As the focus is narrowed down to the technical requirements of an organization, country, state, etc. it offers result-oriented insights after the full calculation of the facts and figures

Easy methods to use technographic data

Inbound marketing: Technographic data can be added in the automation marketing platform for enriching the inbound leads when the form is submitted. Then segmentation can be done based on the technology used by the lead and which they might use in the future.

Account based marketing: Adding technographics in the account based marketing can help in finding new and existing accounts that match for an ideal prospects profile. It helps the sales team to pitch to the right prospects, which has much higher chances of conversions.

Addressable market: Technographics data can be used for identifying the prospect addressable market. Tech usage data have the information of the specific technologies used by the companies and provides the profile of these companies.

The data is highly valuable and resourceful for the business intelligence teams as they can mitigate the risks and help the businesses make smart decisions from the insights gathered by the deployed technologies around the world. Usage of tech data, helps in understanding the purchasing pattern of different prospects. It also provides insights whether the company should invest on that particular technology or move to the new one.

It’s time to connect with the TECH TITANS


The goal of the technographic data is to make calculated guesses based on the statistical data. They help in formulating the right pitches for establishing strong client relationships and winning the trust of the strong prospects.