Which is Better: Oracle Cloud vs AWS

oracle cloud vs aws
  • Nov 12, 2020
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
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Oracle cloud and AWS are some of the best technologies in the market, revamping how organizations function. But the dilemma here is which one is better? A tussle is putting forth some interesting points to watch out for!!!

Want to know, which solution wins this challenge?

Oracle Cloud vs AWS

Then, follow us. We would explain everything step-by-step:

  • The definition of Oracle cloud, its implementation in organizations, advantages, disadvantages, much more.
  • The definition of AWS, its use cases, benefits, cons and the innovative way it is being used in organizations.

Let’s start:

What is the Oracle cloud?

oracle cloud

The technology is one of the best to be introduced in organizations. It has acted as the metamorphosis for the education industry, research process, insights, and for delivering the best experience to the users.

This cloud computing platform offers various services such as the infrastructure as a service, software as a service, platform as a service. It offers different applications via data centers to companies. The technology also keeps a tab on leading a streamlined integration between different services and applications. The infrastructure of this technology has Kubernetes that facilitates the right installation process.

The major benefit of Oracle cloud is that it makes the transfer of data easy and convenient. For this reason, companies are significantly adopting cloud computing in their process.

As per a report, Oracle cloud services would contribute around 67.9% of the $39.9 billion revenue of the company.

Disadvantages of Oracle cloud:

There are specific drawbacks of Oracle cloud-

  • It does not offer solutions that could streamline the low-end activities, such as resolving the issues with configuration.
  • The documentation is too complex to grasp
  • There is not enough support
  • Reduction in proper management
  • Instances are not available every time

Top Companies in the Oracle cloud cult:

Some of the top companies in this elite group are Mitsubishi electric, Turning Point, Ebates, and many more. Turning point, the UK-based organization is providing innovative healthcare service to individuals. It aims to change the status quo with the modern solution for modern ailments. With increasing mental health issues and the use of psychoactive drugs, the organization is using the novel technologies that would effectively meet the needs of the patients. It even streamlines the process by fixing the appointments with the right specialist.

What is AWS?

aws outposts

AWS aka Amazon web services offers cloud computing services. The working process of this technology is simple. It starts with the order step and ends with the build step. The example clearly explains what goes on in all of these steps. The outposts offer infrastructure services related to hardware, application programming interfaces, and the other necessary tools. These services are managed professionally for effective functioning.

One of the popular services is Amazon elastic compute cloud (EC2). This service makes the process easier for the developers. The technology is known to provide scalable service to users. Some of the other benefits that it provides to users are flexibility, security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. It gives the right control over the resources that help to execute in the computing environment.

The solution offers Amazon management console, managed IT services, right server capacity, and encryption feature. The console helps the users streamline the resources for a planned approach and handle the risks arising from a cyber-attack. Amazon web services is driving the industry 4.0 as it paves the path for connecting devices directly to the platform of cloud.

AWS has various compute such as elastic beanstalk, batch, autoscaling, serverless application repository. It has containers such as Kubernetes service, fargate, elastic container registry, and elastic container service.

AWS can execute configuration based on the requirements of user; it has various tools for executing the migration process. The entire system overviews and keeps a tab on the process.

A Statista report found, the technology grew by 29% in the second quarter of the year 2020.

tech growth rate

The other capabilities of AWS are:

  • Developer tools: The developer tool services constitute Amazon Corretto, AWS cloud9, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeStar, AWS CodeCommit, AWS X-Ray, AWS CodePipeline, among others.
  • It helps in continual delivery, logging, integration, and monitoring process.
  • The SDK’s or the software development kit of Amazon includes the ruby, node.js, javascript, PHP, C++, python. These capabilities eliminate the complexities of coding.

Applications of AWS:

AWS can be used for the gamification: The brand, “Epic games” used the Amazon Web Services for accelerating the performance of the game. The innovative services of Amazon build the right atmosphere to entice the game user.

For the hosting of the web: Web hosting needs the right expertise and technology. AWS does not go wrong to provide this service. By having it, you have a systematic approach to execute this process. You might have the choice of different CMS, and with the right SDKs, the technology makes it easier for businesses and helps reap the right results.

It offers pre-built services for the immediate implementation.

The usage of AWS in organizations rightly helps in the collaged billing for different accounts.

Top companies using AWS:

It is found giant companies are using AWS to deliver excellent results. To name a few:

  • Baidu
  • LinkedIn
  • ESPN
  • Facebook
  • Netflix

There are specific AWS organizational feature, and these include the centralization.

Organizations like to centralize all the accounts in one location. With, AWS this is made feasible. You need to make the accounts at the beginning stage. In the later process, the owner of other accounts can be asked to join the group. All the terms and conditions for this process needs to be explained properly.

The disadvantages of AWS are:

  • It limits the resources as per the region in the country. For example, the user in Alabama would have access to different resources than the user in Arizona.
  • The billing part of the AWS is one of the major cons.

So, what are the major differences between the two?

The major difference which you would find is that the pricing of AWS is not that attractive as compared to the Oracle cloud. While the pay-you-go service is available for both, but somehow Oracle cloud gets through here also. The pricing calculator helps to understand the cost for your organization in terms of the usage of different services and products, and it is available in both , the Amazon Web Services or the Oracle cloud.

Now, AWS offers some exciting features like executing the virtual reality, having the infrastructure on-premises, getting the blockchain in control, and so on. Some of the common Oracle cloud applications are enterprise performance management, human capital management, SaaS analytics, supply chain management, among others.

Key Takeaways from Oracle Cloud vs. AWS:

Now, if we see the pricing of AWS, it is not suitable for the majority of the organizations. As a marketer, if you are running on a tight budget, then avoid AWS. Even the other features, such as a clean dashboard is not available in this solution. While the experienced person would not find it challenging, but for the newbie, it could be a concern. In short, this is not the right one for them.

And, most importantly, as stated before, the solution offers resources as per the region in the same country. This is a big disadvantage for the user. You cannot afford to have a solution that performs differently across the world; it would seriously impact the performance of the organization.

By default, the solution has the limitation of around 20 instances in every part of the country.

But you can still increase the limit by conveying the information, in which region you need to increase and to how many instances. All this requires another procedure.

Oracle cloud has its disadvantages such as users have often stated that messages conveying the errors are not comprehensible, and the performance does not meet the normal industry standards. This cloud has the clean dashboard making it user-friendly, with one of the great graphical interfaces. Oracle’s support system does not have good feedback.

Overall, it is seen that both the solution has its share of pros and cons; you need to check which of the cons can have a bad effect on your performance and avoid it.

By analyzing, AWS vs. Oracle cloud, you can clearly list out, and take the right move to finalize the solution.


Oracle cloud and AWS are both necessary to meet the ever-growing needs of businesses. The crucial part is both works in different ways and has varied features. Organizations across the world, can choose the best suited technology to fit their needs and give desired results.

The blog presents you with the pros and cons of both the solutions with interesting content revolving around Oracle cloud vs. AWS. Your end goal is generating the best results, so do not only go for the price and popularity. Remember, the solution might not have significant positive features but could meet your requirements. Find out how it can benefit your organization in the long-run, to make the best decision.