Top Technology Trends in 2022

  • Oct 05, 2021
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
  • Category: Technographics Data

Of late, we have witnessed many technologies that are changing the way we live in this world. The artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and other technologies have brought us to an era where technology combined with human intelligence is proving helpful; scientists and researchers are hoping to take these marvels of technology to the next level. And if you don’t know, in many countries, augmented reality and virtual reality are already providing well-designed experiences to consumers.

AR market size would reach USD 3868 million by the end of 2026.

While the VR market size would grow at a CAGR of 18% from 2021-2028.

Technology marketers are taking the help of suitable latest technologies to reach accurate customers. Executives are using them to reduce the errors in their process and finish the task on time. Analysts are using it so that they can focus on other high-end tasks and so on. In the coming years, nobody would remain untouched by the muse- the new mind-boggling technology trends, solutions, etc.

Every organization should aim to be a part of this revolution; otherwise in a few years, they would find themselves irrelevant in the market.

As per a famous quote by Stewart Brand:

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”

You need to get going with the flow and adapt to the novel technological environment at the earliest.

In this blog, we’d cover some of the top technologies that would redefine the entire world.

Find the best ones here:

The one-and-all experience or satisfaction:

Now, if you don’t know other than customer experience, there are various experiences that determine a brand’s performance, such as an employee experience, organizational experience and others. The technologies track all these experiences so that insights can be derived to plan the next strategy of the organization.

You must know, when you absolutely understand your customers’ requirements, it becomes easy to sell any product or service to them. And here is marketing automation that does help.

When we talk about employee experience, with the advent of COVID-19, employees and employers are exposed to the unconventional new reality: the remote working style. You need the right technology to have a smooth workflow.

Do You know zoom, GSuite, Slack, Asana are changing the office work process?

Yes, the landscape is completely getting changed where employees are having better communication despite the challenges of not conducting a physical meeting. Most organizations are including an increased number of digital kiosks.

Cybersecurity need:

Cybersecurity is an important technology in the present world.

Yes, cyber threat is real. An increasing number of organizations have faced disruption in their work process because hackers attacked their website, and sneaked out the confidential information of these businesses. They brought down the website and for many hours, users couldn’t access the website.

It’s a nightmare for any organization and could hamper its reputation.

If you don’t have the right security measures, more likely you could also face such threats in the future. One can take the recent cyber threat example, frontline phishing; UK’s National health Service recently informed that fake vaccination emails are making rounds. People shouldn’t trust this news. Now as these cyber criminals are aware covid vaccination is a crucial subject among population, they are taking advantage of it, causing inconvenience to the general public.


By any chance, if the recipient thinks of it as a genuine email, it could harm both the recipient and the reputation of the organization. Every business needs to find a way so that they are not affected by these scammers. Some of the steps they can implement are taking the right precautions, security measures, which could not only ward off the risks but also, if attacked, could mitigate the effects.

Automation at its best:

Automated technology has become the lifeline of many organizations. Many companies looking to increase revenue in a short span are significantly integrating this technology. It’s a boon as they don’t need to rely on the human workforce for the redundant jobs.

The technology doesn’t completely take over human at workplace. Instead, it makes it easier for them to focus on the jobs that need human intelligence. For example, an increasing number of organizations would start using Kubernetes. The solution facilitates the automation technology. It enables the automated deployment, management of the multiple containers, scaling, thus reducing the operational challenges.


The Kubernetes cluster is seen here. It consists of the control plane, compute machines and others. The control plane takes the command and passes on the information to the compute machines.

The one and only AI technology:

AI is the future of the world. Nobody can deny the fact!!!!

The world is waking up to the industrial revolution driven by 4th generation technologies. Artificial intelligence is the crucial technology in this group. The solution works by collating large data along with intelligent algorithms and iterative processing.

Now, do you know how AI is used?

Yes, the technology works in different forms such as narrow AI and artificial general intelligence. Narrow artificial intelligence is also termed as weak AI. It operates within a limited condition and focuses on performing a single task. It is powered by deep learning and machine learning.

While the artificial general intelligence is the higher level of intelligence. The solution revolves around the machine that is infused with human-like intelligence. It has a specific set of cognitive abilities to help the workflow in an organization. Some researchers claim this artificial intelligence would get more evolved in the coming years.


In this pictorial representation, you can see how AI would pave the path for next-gen cloud robotics, real-time emotional analysis, virtual companions, autonomous surgical robotics, thought controlled gaming and others.


With the onset of unprecedented events, it is necessary to have updated technologies in the organization. These technologies could streamline the process in an organization resulting in employee productivity and customer satisfaction.