Top HRMS Systems in 2020

top hrms in 2020
  • Feb 04, 2020
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
  • Category: HR Software

What is HR management software?

The HR management software is a software which helps to manage the HR-related tasks and employee information. The software automates the manual tasks, helps to manage people, and keeps the information in a proper format seamlessly.

Human Resource Management Software plays an essential role in the success of many organizations. It saves the labor time of the managers, assists the HR process in budget management, planning, and decision making.

Key features of the HR software:

  • Benefits Administration: Benefits administration is necessary for most of the HR operations. Most of the solutions offer the customization options for the benefits of management and open enrollment. It helps the employers in setting up rules like tax percentage, benefits tiers, auto-enroll, and dependent types.
  • Performance management: Optimizing the performance management is helpful in the long-run. An employee database with the integrated performance management functionality provides the performance history. A right HRMS can help in setting career objectives, and monitoring the overall progress.
  • Shift planning and scheduling: This feature helps the administrator in creating and managing the shift roster. The system allows the employees to request time off. Regular communication is necessary for a shift-based organization. A shift scheduling helps in implementing seamless shift patterns whenever required.

Some of the best HR software are:

BambooHR logo BambooHR: This software has the following features:

  • Opaque pricing
  • Mobile Support
  • Most facets covering
  • More focus on the data

The web-based system is used for managing the human resource operations. Many HR professionals across the world use BambooHR. The mundane tasks are automated so that you can focus on more important work. The solution offers the training and applicant tracking, e-signatures for replacing the paper-based systems, performance tools and easy reporting. The software can process the approvals and the automated requests.

The data is protected with the bank-level security so that one need not worry about employee data getting leaked. The firm offers the choice of two plans, Advantage and Essentials.

Workable logo Workable: It is easy to use, has limited customization, and is affordable. The cross-platform solution helps the companies to keep track of the future candidates in an efficient and simple way. The subscription-based software offers an easy method of managing the hiring process. The “Pay as you go” service helps the subscribers to subscribe for $99 per job, per month. This entitles the subscriber to provide online support, schedule interview, and mobile applications.

Lanteria logo Lanteria HR: Lanteria has developed the HR management platform, which is tailored for large scale and mid-sized businesses. The HR management enterprises offer dashboards and modules for various areas of human resources such as applicant tracking, attendance, employee performance, and recruitment. This cloud-based solution can be accessed on different devices.

People HR logo People HR: It is one of the mobile-ready HR systems.

The solution has been designed to increase the efficiency of the entire HR process. The applicant tracking system in the software keeps tab on those who are applying for jobs, a part-time and full-time holiday leave calculator, expenses logger and time sheets is also included. The customized workflows can be created for automating the repeated manual process, scheduling the training and sending the welcome email to the new hire.

The software is optimized for laptops, smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets. People offers a choice of 4 plans which start for $4 per month per employee.

Zenefits logo Zenefits: Zenefits is an HR SaaS platform specifically designed for the small-sized and mid-sized businesses. It includes a robust offering spanning well being, HR, Payroll, benefits, and combining it with the advisory services for simplifying the HR administration.

Zenefits base plan are divided into Essentials, Growth, and Zen. Essentials is available at $8 per month per employee, Growth is available at $14 per month per employee, Zen is available at $21 per month per employee.

Gusto logo Gusto: Gusto is the online people platform that helps small businesses in taking care of their teams. The solution offers services and product for helping you onboard, insuring, paying, and engaging your team in an easy to use platform. It makes the payroll easy by calculating and filling the payroll taxes. It thus provides the right support and helps you keep compliant.

Namely logo Namely: It offers a cloud-based solution for companies in seeking a single comprehensive system for managing the human capital. It helps the mid-sized companies in streamlining everything from benefits, payroll, to talent management. It is suitable for any company seeking a platform that has to be configured for matching its unique company infrastructure. The plan is $12 per month per employee as per the namely basic plan.

Conclusion: Managing HR tasks can sometimes be very challenging and complex. You have to keep a tab on your employees and other matters related to the organization. In this case, HR software can make your work easier as they automate the repetitive and mundane tasks, so that you can focus on other essential work.