Top Cloud Computing Service Providers 2019

Top Cloud Computing Service Providers
  • May 23, 2019
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
  • Category: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services have become highly popular in recent times. The services which store data over the internet removes the complexity of storing any data in the PC or the hard disk. Many of these providers have gained massive popularity among users. There are major cloud service providers such as:

Amazon AWS LogoAmazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services is one of the most secure cloud computing platforms.

It has many features like:
• Increases speed and agility
• Massive economies of scale
• Cost-effectiveness
• Flexibility and security
• Easy-to-use
• Reliability
• High performance.

Microsoft Azure:          Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Azure computing platform helps in service management, development, hosting solutions, and data storage.

The main features are:
• It provides the much-required cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility
• It supports various OS, tools, and database
• It can be deployed and managed through a global network
• The software can scale up and scale down the resources as per the business needs
• Provides consistency

Google Cloud Logo Google Cloud Platform:

Google Cloud is a set of products and solutions which runs on the same infrastructure and is used by Google internally for the end user solutions.

The main features are:
• Solving issues with data analytics and accessible AI
• Eliminating the installation of costly servers
• Allowing to scale up with open technology
• Enabling to transform the businesses with cloud-based services

Alibaba Cloud Logo Alibaba Cloud:

Alibaba Cloud largest cloud computing company from China provides its services in more than 200 countries.

The main features are:
• Helps in achieving faster results
• Helps in protecting your data
• Has reliable data storage and stable applications
• Multiple management methods

IBM LogoIBM Cloud:

IBM Cloud is fully customized with pre-configured tools. It offers platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, and software as a service.

The main features and benefits are:
• No need of paying for the extra features
• Offers cloud communications for the IT environment
• Has a suite of AI tools
• One can have the freedom to choose the delivery models and data models

VMware LogoVMware:

VMware as a comprehensive cloud platform successfully manages the hybrid environment.

The main features are:
• It helps in lowering the expenses and providing flexible services
• Offers both private and public cloud
• Provides agile services
• Enterprise-ready Cloud Management Platform

Verizon Cloud LogoVerizon Cloud:

Verizon Cloud has been built for maintaining the enterprise workloads with a trustworthy performance.

The main features are:
• It helps in retaining the data integrity on different apps.
• Reliability and speed
• Securing the data in a completely personalized environment
• Helps in building the right cloud with flexibility, performance, and support

Kamatera LogoKamatera:

The tool developed by the Kamatera is hugely similar to the physical server and operates in a virtual infrastructure cloud.

It has many features:
• Uptime is 99% time guaranteed
• Servers can be removed without penalty
• You are only charged for what you use
• It provides high-performance and low maintenance cloud services

Quadranet LogoQuadranet:

It has a reliable cloud infrastructure which is completely scalable. The tool gets billed on an hourly basis and on the size of the resources.

Some of the highly valued features are:
• It supports a wide variety of operating systems such as FreeBSD, CentOS, Windows.
• The uptime SLA is a default when it comes with all the cloud configurations.
• The custom interfaces help in managing the InfraCloud instances

Egnyte LogoEgnyte:

This cloud computing platform is a hybrid cloud that combines local storage with cloud storage.

The main features are:
• It gives an automatic syncing feature from which one can access the inaccessible data.
• With Egnyte one can upload the file of any type and size
• Egnyte can be customized for replicating the brand

SAP logoSAP:

SAP the enterprise service with a different range of services is required for application development.

The main features are:
• Advanced IT security
• Cloud collaboration, and powerful business networks
• User experience
• Analytics and data storage
• Saving cost

Cloud computing service is bound to grow in the coming years with almost all the companies including small, mid-sized and large companies shifting to this service. The service provides innumerable benefits to the users along with attaining good business growth. Organizations have to choose the best one aligned with their business and technical requirements so that they can utilize its benefits completely.