ServiceNow Vs. Salesforce: Which One Do You Choose?

salesforce vs servicenow
  • Apr 20, 2021
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
  • Category: Customer Relationship Management

Customers help generate revenue for an organization. You can’t think of surviving in the market, if you don’t have enough customers. For that, you need to provide a service or product aligned with their needs, not the one you think would be the best. After that, you should provide exceptional customer service.

A statement by Laura Ashley perfectly conveys the same:

“We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.”

While the marketing and sales team are accountable for driving more customers and increasing revenue, other departments have crucial roles in providing effective customer service.

In this blog, we’d discuss about two popular technologies- Salesforce and ServiceNow that refine the business and technological processes in an organization. Besides offering great customer service, the technologies are making the entire process fast and steady for the benefit of all.

What is Salesforce?

salesforce company architecture

It is the leading customer relationship management platform, that helps build customer loyalty. The solution equally helps all the departments in an organization. The marketing team, sales team, IT team and others benefit a lot from the integration of this software.

Don’t you think, if the product development team doesn’t do its work appropriately, it will affect the customer service team?

Providing effective customer service isn’t child’s play. Most customers who aren’t satisfied with a product or service would directly approach an organization’s service team to complain about the product. In such cases, CRM like Salesforce provides the necessary information so that representatives can tackle the complex queries of these customers.

Now the unique thing about the Salesforce software is that it is customizable and you can set it the way that meets your business requirements. But you need a system administrator who can set up and completely manage the system.

The solution helps understand the customer pain points, thus directly leading to customer satisfaction. The dynamic factors that Salesforce handles are filtering the contact details of clients, the top requests made by them, etc.

Benefits of Salesforce:

  • Trustworthy reporting
  • Improved and simplified collaboration
  • Good messaging with automation
  • Increased efficiency
  • It helps in scoring leads using the customer parameters
  • The solution helps in prioritizing which MQL would be in transition to SQL

What is ServiceNow?

servicenow architect platform

It is one of the best cloud computing platforms that help companies manage the workflows for operations. The solution modernizes the operations for optimizing productivity, and cost. It offers a smarter workflow.

The technology is actually the ITSM solution or the IT service management provider that makes the process efficient resulting in happier employees and customers. The ITSM solutions provided are problem management, incident management, asset and cost management, request management, performance analytics, change and release management, configuration management and many more.

ServiceNow uses the machine learning language for data leveraging and making businesses more scalable. The technology can be used by the IT support team, developers, administrators and others, as it offers different products such as HR management, customer service management, business management applications, enterprise security response engine, IT service automation application, etc.

Benefits of ServiceNow:

  • It streamlines the process
  • It increases productivity
  • It improves ROI
  • It gives deeper visibility into the infrastructure of the organization

How both lead to better customer service support?

Organizations always look for the solution with necessary features to ultimately lead to the outcome, a good number of sales. And sales do come only if you have the software that makes your customer service effective.

Both Salesforce and ServiceNow are known to provide the right service to customers. Now, Salesforce does it directly, ServiceNow carries out indirectly. The ServiceNow solution is just like the roots of a tree that passes nutrition to the branches to bear the delicious fruits. The end-result what an organization wants is the best product/service meeting customers’ needs. This is what ServiceNow gives with its well-composed workflow.

ServiceNow helps replace unstructured patterns and processes with intelligent workflows. It offers different ways to include the questionnaire, surveys, forms. These practices help you rightly connect with customers. As the solution is SaaS, you don’t have to worry about the configuration, deployment and maintenance. It helps provide a customer-friendly self-service portal.

Salesforce, as we know, is built on the foundation to provide effective customer service, with its well-stored customer’s data.

Comparing the pricing of ServiceNow and Salesforce:

Both the solutions are outstanding, providing quality service to the end-users. But the pricing varies. The Salesforce pricing starts from $25 per month, while ServiceNow’s pricing starts from $100 per month.

So, finally, which one is better?

Both the solutions are equally popular among SMBs and large enterprises, depending on the services they provide to their users. Organizations that are entirely customer-focussed and are in the nascent stage could opt for Salesforce as the solution helps give faster customer service, while the established organizations that are looking for the overall growth could go for the ServiceNow.


Every organization would be aware of their needs. They know which feature they need and which are absolutely unnecessary. Likewise, when you think of Salesforce vs ServiceNow, they both have unique advantages.

In this blog, you can find their positive aspects to check whether it would be suitable for your organization and accordingly go for it.