Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2020

  • Aug 04, 2020
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
  • Category: Artificial Intelligence

AI is going to take over the world!!!!!

You would have heard it innumerable times. The truth is that, with the advancement of the latest technologies, such as machine learning, AI, and other 4th generation technologies, the foundation of the business model in the majority of the organizations would change completely.

Many experts are also predicting paradoxical scenario, where AI would although, help to increase productivity and but would replace human jobs. Despite these predictions, artificial intelligence is predicted to be useful in the long-run as it would significantly improve business results, of an organization. In 2019 many AI trends became popular and would continue to so in 2020.

Find out some of the artificial intelligence trends that would be in rage in 2020:

  • Software robots: 2020 would witness the rise of software robots. These software robots that are also termed as digital workers would assist employees in executing their work easily. At times in a stressful work scenario, a human is prone to commit errors. These software robots would significantly mitigate the chances of errors, and lead to efficient results. digital workersThese digital workers might completely carry out the minimal tasks that do not require much human intervention. It thus proves that AI would be helping human agents to perform better by letting them focus on other tasks, than the repetitive ones.

    So, the human race need not have to worry about competing with AI in the coming years.

  • AI would make healthcare service more affordable and accurate: With the world witnessing an increased number of infections and other diseases, it often becomes overwhelming for the healthcare workers to provide the best service. AI would assist these workers in providing effective service. The efficient workflow would also help in reducing the healthcare workerAI would acquire the real-time information from various hospitals, for analyzing and interpreting it the right way. The process would further help to provide better care service. It has been observed that AI is good at spotting lung cancer, skin cancer, and eye infections.

    The complex process of the healthcare system would further become more streamlined with an efficient administration process. The artificial intelligence, with the help of the best domain and clinical information, would fasten the protocol followed in the healthcare organization. This would help clinicians to concentrate on more challenging and complex tasks.

  • AI would boost the cybersecurity in the organization: Cybersecurity is a major concern in many organizations. CIOs of almost all the organizations face the toughest challenge for safeguarding the critical and sensitive information. AI can be an advantage in boosting the cybersecurity.
    The combination of AI and ML, along with the security tools, helps to analyze huge data of the cyber-attacks and predict the future potential threat. One can further stop such incidents before it catches them off guard.
  • AI would make the manufacturing industry effective: The manufacturing industry always faces the challenge of managing a complex production line. With AI arriving as a savior, there would be a significant improvement in the quality control process. As known, product managers who should be looking into other tasks where AI cannot be implemented, many times, waste their time in checking the quality of each product and component. This drains out many of them as they even have to meet the deadline. AI can resolve these challenges and could check the quality of the product as per the quality guidelines and
  • AI helping in the trial of drugs: AI would play a huge role in human trials of medicine. As per a BBC report published in January, 2020, a drug molecule invented by AI would be used for the human trial.

    AI invented this drug in just 12 months!!!

    The medicine would be used for trial on patients having an obsessive-compulsive disorder. This has prompted many organizations to set up their own AI lab. For example, NHS, the public-funded healthcare system of UK, is already setting up an artificial intelligence lab for enhancing patient care and in the research process.
  • AI in retail: There would be a huge scale implementation of AI in the retail industry. One of the retail giants Walmart would be using AI-enabled Nova robots in more than 650 stores. These robots could scan the products for the restocking purpose. It would thus decrease the workload of the employees. This might lead to increased productivity and good revenue.
  • The amalgamation of cloud and AI: The fusion of cloud and AI would be the trend this year. As organizations move their data to the cloud, AI, along with that, would make organizations more efficient and effective. It is helping companies to manage the data the right way, find patterns and connect the dots for better insights to lead better customer experience.
    AI is vigorously getting implemented in the IT infrastructure to automate the repetitive tasks, and with the rapid advancement of AI technologies, cloud is increasingly relying on AI for better monitoring and managing.
  • AI in the entertainment industry: This sounds interesting!!!
    Of-late, there has been much discussion about the usage of AI in conventional industries, but AI could also bring about a huge transformation in the entertainment industry as well.
    The entertainment industry in USA is worth $703 billion, and the implementation of AI, such as visual effects and others, could further make a huge impact on the audience.
  • E-commerce and AI: E-commerce and AI is one of the best and result-oriented combinations, and with the recent sophisticated developments in the AI technology, now marketers could be able to target the accurate buyer for more sales.
    The artificial intelligence could track the behavior of the prospect on the site and then help the marketer in developing the right strategy to motivate the prospect for buying a specific product. Although this technology was being used for quite some time now, but the recent advancements in AI would be able to deliver a better and accurate interpretation of the customer’s data.
  • Conclusion:
    Artificial intelligence is the current and next-generation technology, so an organization has to integrate this technology into their business process. This would lead to better productivity and increased revenue. The notion that AI would replace humans is considered a false alarm by many experts. It could never completely replace humans. Although it might become smarter with time, but cannot match with the creativity of a human being.