7 Best Innovations at CES 2020 – Global Stage for Innovation

CES 2020 Innovations
  • Jan 28, 2020
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
  • Category: Automation Marketing

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” meaning most of the time, our brains are wired to act only when faced with challenges. We strive for new ideas or processes to resolve the challenge, even innovating the existing one.

The CES 2020, organized from 7 Jan 2020 – 10 Jan 2020, in Las Vegas, was such a platform where many leading brands displayed their innovative products. The “world of wonder” meets the “reality” to evolve our current lifestyle.

Innovation makes life better and easier. Some of the best innovations at CES 2020, which you would be surely interested:

  • Dimension Robotics Dr.CaRo: As modern lifestyle becomes stressful, in the future, one would need an assistant to help them combat lifestyle diseases. Dimension Robotics has been designed for restoring mobility to stroke victims. The device is a motorized robotic arm attached to a 23-inch display for rebuilding the neural connections to the patient’s limbs with the training exercises. It could help the patient in regaining strength and bringing agility to the limbs.Dr.CaRo
  • Core Meditation Trainer: Meditation has become a way of life in many cities as people are now much concerned about their wellness and mental health. The core meditation trainer is the world’s first handheld meditation trainer that measures the heart data via the ECG for providing feedback on your calmness focus level.Core Meditation Trainer
  • Sony-Vision S: Sony-Vision S has taken the best element of Sony’s expertise in audio, imaging, display, and have placed it in the feature of the electric car. The Vision S is built on the platform, which can accommodate different form factors of the automobile. It has a focus on the adaptability, safety, and entertainment, it is fitted with almost 33 external and internal sensors, passenger monitoring, 5G connectivity, and a panoramic display.Sony Vision S
  • NextMind: It is the world’s first brain-sensing device which enables the users in controlling the AR/VR headsets through their mind. The device is put at the back of the head and is clipped to the headband. The device combines the neural networks and signals from the brain for transforming the intention of the user into the brain commands. It enables the users to perform the actions without the help of the traditional controllers and creating an immersive experience with the augmented and virtual environment.NextMind
  • Bosch Virtual Visor: With the arrival of the Bosch virtual visor, very soon, the drivers will say goodbye to the conventional sun visor. The Bosch visor features a transparent LCD screen paired with the cabin RGB camera. The device tracks the sunshine on the driver’s face and with the help of AI it block’s the drivers eyes protecting from sun rays and leaving the rest of the visor transparent. This helps the driver to drive through the road effectively.Bosch Virtual Visor
  • Norm Glasses: Norm glasses is an effective device for the blind and hearing-impaired people. It weighs less than 36 grams and can be worn all day long. These glasses are the augmented reality glasses having a voice user interface, Android-based OS, dual speakers, and head-up display which helps to present the digital content.

Norm Glasses

  • Self-sealing & Self- changing Trash Can: This is an innovative garbage can!!! It is a motion-sensor bin, with a little more innovative service. When this bin becomes full with garbage, the user just has to press the button for automatically sealing the trash bag and lining the bin with the new bag. The most interesting part is that even if the bin becomes full, the top compartment of the bin will lift up to keep the bag sealed. This helps in avoiding any mess and keeping the room clean.
    Trash Can

Conclusion: Some of the innovations showcased at the CES 2020 aims to make human lives better and productive. In recent years, AI and other disruptive technologies have been at full swing. Most of these innovations are the products of AI, which would transform the way we live and work in the current world.