7 Best CRM Vendors for Small Businesses in 2019

Top CRM for Small Businesses
  • Apr 04, 2019
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
  • Category: Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a must-have in organizations as these software helps the sales executives for analyzing the needs of customers and anticipating the problems in advance so that it can be resolved at the right time. This increases customer satisfaction and retention rate. With increased competition in the market, every business is improvising its service and product features for sustaining in the market. CRM is a perfect solution for organizations which want to provide the best customer service and acquire good market share.

Most of the top CRM vendors such as Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and has features which are designed to handle enormous data for accommodating complicated workflows. These vendors convincingly fulfill the needs of large organizations but are unable to meet the requirements of the small and mid-sized enterprises. But there are other companies in the market which provide CRM aligned with the business requirements of the small and medium-sized enterprises. Find out some of them:

ZOHO CRM logo Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM has some of the advanced automation features. It saves the sales team from working on automated routine tasks, and focus on closing more deals. The software is a SaaS-based solution designed for managing customer support, marketing, sales, contacts, and other related business functions. Zoho CRM has many editions such as Enterprise, standard, free, and professional.

Nimble CRM LogoNimble:

Nimble is a simple but powerful tool. It involves everything related to customer data, collected from the internet, and also includes scanning of social media profiles.

Hubspot CRM logo Hubspot CRM:

This CRM is the top choice among many businesses. It centralizes the contact list, logs the interactions, and collects information about the prospects from the internet. The software provides the basic functionality of CRM, dashboard, and the required features of customer profiles and contacts. It also helps in managing the deals and integrating with larger platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.

Insightly CRM logoInsightly :

Insightly can be a great choice for small businesses. The software integrates with each of the apps offered by Google making it perfect for integrating contacts from the social media accounts with the existing contact profiles. It accelerates the sales process, delivers projects on time, and build good relationships with the customers.

Agile CRM LogoAgile :

Agile CRM works pretty well across different business areas, the three main areas which Agile focusses are marketing automation, enabling the sales process, and customer service. It is very useful for small businesses and includes deal tracking management, lead scoring, and advanced analytics.

Suite CRM logoSuite CRM:

Suite CRM is one of the popular CRM among small enterprises as it can be used in both product-based and service-based companies. One can track cases, take notes, and schedule the tasks for organizing the contact information. As it is open-source, you might need technical expertise during the setting process.

7. Capsule: Capsule is one of the powerful tools for small businesses. It is simple and very easily integrates with all the tools which most of the small businesses use such as Google Docs, Gmail, etc. The tool keeps your sales pipeline properly organized and useful for keeping you ahead in the competition.

Gone are the days when giving quality service or releasing premium products into the market would make the company a market leader in the specific industry. Nowadays, companies have to take regular feedback from customers, collect customer’s data and customize services, products specifically needed by each of the customers. CRM is one such solution which helps companies in this effort.

Small businesses which have grown exponentially around the world, has some of the basic requirements unlike large organizations and it is essential that they approach the right CRM vendor to satisfy their business requirements. So, choose the right CRM as per the mentioned list for maintaining a healthy customer relationship on a long-term basis.