What is Data Licensing


INFOCLUTCH | October 15, 2019

Data licensing is the protection of the data by one or more IP rights. It addresses the manner of delivery, data security policies, as well as maintenance and control over the data. The crucial negotiated point is the licensee’s permitted use of the data and the licensor’s ownership of the data.

what is data licensing

The data licensing process includes:

Identifying the proprietary data

Determining if the data is protected by IP

Addressing the ownership of the data

Each party’s right to usage of the data

Protection and licensing of data depends on:

The manner of aggregation

The kind of data collected and the crucial reason for its collection

Data licensing involve data agreement where the vendor licenses on the subscription basis, such as:

Market data

Search engine or website usage

Technical, financial or the research data

Map data

Business and consumer records

Important factors for considering data usage:

The licensee and the licensor should be carefully considering the business and legal considerations regarding the usage of data.

The licensor should consider the rights to be granted consistent with the business model.

It requires the vendor to promise that they will not use customer data for any other purpose.

Crucial approaches for data licensing:

The treatment of the original data

Data ownership and the use

Data ownership:

Refers to having control and possession of the information

The information includes the ability to modify, derive, access, create, remove, benefit from the data

The importance of data ownership

The owner has the complete right over the data and can take legal action if the ownership is breached by any of the internal or external entities.

Ownership helps in managing data integrity

Helps in verifying the performance of the ad with marketing analytics

In a data freed agreement where licensee is not permitted for generating any derived data, data licensing ensure:

Licensed data within the scope

Licensor rights for obtaining additional fees for additional data usage

Benefits of licensing the data

Regular updates giving you access for new possibilities

Accurate and reliable data for the analysis and planning purpose

Verified data from the sources which help to save the expense

Decrease in cost from data acquisitions and market analysis

Secure access

Data attributes adding more insight

Round the clock customer service

Flexibility in the database management

How is data licensing helping email advertisers?

Data licensing helps in the customized mailing lists

It helps in the data enhancement

The licensing service can help the marketers to facilitate email blast

It helps in the data cleansing

It also helps marketers with a strong market research process for backing the data