The 4 Levels of Lead Generation: MQL to SQL



The 4 Levels of Lead Generation: MQL to SQL

Guest → lead

The uninformed users may nonchalantly visit your blog to absorb the content.

The visitor arrives with the intent to learn or simply out of curiosity.

The visitor may not have expressed any pressing intention other than imbibing the free content that may be relevant to him or her.

The marketer approaches the visitor enjoining him or her towards content subscription. It allows penetrating into their definitive needs. It marks the beginning of an effective lead nurturing process.

Lead → MQL

The information is bartered for gated content. The content may be offered periodically or as a one time swap.

Information may be bargained by providing educative content such as a whitepaper, eBooks, etc.

Sometimes, the leads may have an interest in your content rather that the marketing inventories.

Sometimes, the leads may have an interest in your content rather that the marketing inventories.

The prospecting must be carried out in stages by ascertaining the preparedness of the leads who will receive the marketing messages. Marketers must identify the most relevant products and promote the same to increase the chance of conversion.


Once the MQL raises the hand showing interest, provide content that addresses a particular set of challenges that initially prompted the leads to look for a solution.

It is too early to interpret the MQL’s purchase intent based on demand for content. The lead nurturing process must be steadfast and instrumental in bringing speedier resolve to leads.

Make them aware of your marketing solutions and provide authentic facts to help them determine the worthiness.

SQL → Sales Conversion

Once the leads express buying intent, the marketers mark them qualified for conversion.

The SQL signals the marketers acknowledging to receive communications. Thus, the SQL may have shortlisted suitable solution(s). The onus is on the marketer to guide leads into making a responsible decision.

The SQL are likely to pit a brand’s offerings against another for securing favorable deals. Hence, incentivized negotiation will make way for a successful conversion.

Offering marketing line-ups without extra benefits is an ultimate deal breaker. Bundle the offerings with discounts, demo, up for grabs offers, and trials. In a marketing perspective, It gives them more leverage to outperform competitors.

Lead Quality


Easy to incline the leads for conversion

Easy to multiply ROI


Lead generation suffers

Lengthens the time for lead nurturing

Lead Quantity


Bulk lead generation

Easy to heighten the lead volume


Most leads are dead end negotiation

Trivial conversion figure