The Brief History of IBM



This infographic shows the IBM history and its timeline with some of the notable milestones dating back to 19th Century. International Business Machines (IBM) is one of the pioneer technology companies who are into manufacturing and marketing computer hardware, software, middleware and offer hosting & consulting services.

Brief History Of IBM

IBM Company History Timeline

1880: Founder Charles Ranlett Flint established Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (Currently known as IBM).

1924: Thomas J. Watson, the then GM renamed CTR to IBM.

1949: Thomas Watson created IBM World Trade Corporation by internationally focussing on foreign operations.

1964 - 1970: IBM announced the first computer system family, the IBM System/360 followed by IBM System/370

1988: IBM introduces the IBM AS/400 (Application System/400), a new family of easy-to-use computers designed for small and intermediate-sized companies.

2005: IBM sold its personal computer business to ‘Lenovo’ - Chinese technology company

2008: IBM launched the Supercomputer called IBM Roadrunner

2014: IBM sold x86 to Lenovo for $2.1 billion, the same year IBM partnered with Apple Inc., Twitter, Facebook, Tencent, Cisco, UnderArmour, Box, Microsoft, VMware, CSC, Macy's, Sesame Workshop and

2017: IBM Research receives 2017 Chairman's Environmental Award