Hewlett Packard Success Story


INFOCLUTCH | March 19, 2020

This infographic from InfoClutch pan out how William Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started Hewlett Packard (HP) and how HP have become a quintessential success story to inspire others.

HP success story


In the year 1939, HP was founded by Dave Packard and William Bill Hewlett

The company was started in a garage in Palo Alto

It was started with a capital investment of US$538

The company now produces more than 10,000 different products ranging from the electronic devices to the computer systems.

HP's Path to Glory:

In 1943, HP entered microwave field

In 1956, HP invented its first oscilloscope

In 1957, the company went public, with the initial public offering

In 1959 HP goes global

In the 1960, HP started producing semiconductor devices

In 1961 HP entered the medical field

In 1974, HP introduced the first programmable pocket calculator of world

In 1980, HP manufactured the first PC which was named HP-85

In 1993, HP introduced Omni book 300

In 2002, HP and Compaq merged changing the symbol to HPQ

In 2007 HP became the first technology company for exceeding $100 billion sales

In 2011, HP launched its first tablet- HP TouchPad

In 2013, HP introduced the revolutionary HP data protector

In 2019, HP has been positioned 80 in global 2000 list


“Our vision is to create technology that helps to make the life better for everyone, everywhere, every community, every person, every organization, around the globe.” This motivates and inspires in doing what we do. We aim to make what we make. To invent and then to reinvent.


“We earn customer respect and loyalty by providing the highest value and quality.”

Core Values:

The HP core values have growth, customer loyalty, commitment to employees, and market leadership.

HP’s Three Pillars Of Success:




Innovative Products by HP:

Walt Disney chose the HP model 200B in 1938

The HP 5100A frequency synthesizer was used by NASA in 1963

HP 5060A the flying atomic clock was manufactured in 1964

HP introduced the first plug-and-play computer in 1966

HP 9100A became the first personal computer in 1968

HP introduced first Smartwatch in 1977

HP introduced first all-in-one PC in 1980

Monochrome leaves desktop printer behind in 1991

CSR Activities:

In 2007 it announced that it had achieved its objective of recycling one billion pounds of electronics products, ink cartridges, and toner.

HP is focused on the creation of good opportunities for the employment.

It is helping the education system with the help of digital tools.

Bridging the gap in terms of the usage of digital technology in the supply chain and its system.

Supply Chain Sustainability Goals:

By the year 2020, HP aims for achieving deforestation in connection with the HP brand paper

The company even announced two of the supply chain sustainability goals:

Developing the skills and improving the condition of 500,000 factory workers by the year 2025.

Doubling participation of the factory in the area of supply chain sustainability programs.

Where HP Stands Today:

HP stands as one of the future sustainable brands. The organization is in the mode of innovation and transformation of the printing industry. As per the recent news, HPE has reported a revenue of $6.95 billion. The company cited that its supply chain has been badly hit by the outbreak of coronavirus in China.

Innovation helps in the right success for any organization, and as HP’s vision statement conveys invent and reinvent which means that you should not keep yourself limited and keep growing with new innovations.