Intelligent Email Marketing to Shoot Conversions



Email marketing- the most popular strategy rarely has disappointed marketers. It is one of the competitive marketing strategies and can be easily integrated into organizations.

The practice helps nurture the prospect, and convert them into customers. It facilitates good relationship with the existing customers to up-sell and cross-sell the services in the future.

email marketing tactics

Tactics to increase the email conversions:

Creating mobile optimized email campaigns

Using double opt-in

Automating the campaigns with behavioral trigger

Customizing the subject line

Using strong CTA

Personalizing the content

Segmenting the list

Best days and time to send emails:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday have the highest email opens

Best time to send email to professionals is at 10 AM mid-week

Which emails have the highest conversion rates?

Cart abandonment email has the highest conversion rate (2.63%)

It has the highest click to conversion rate (21.78%)

Up-sell and cross-sell campaigns have a 6.85% click-to conversion rate

Checklist in the email campaigns:

Using the best images

A/B testing of colors, fonts

Planning the frequency

Sending a re-engagement email

Curating the right content

How to execute the up-sell and cross-sell email?

Category follow-up

Receipt follow-up

Product follow-up

Shooting conversions via promotional emails:



Exclusive content

Invitation only event

Subscriber special offer

Product launch email

Send weekly newsletter

Send customer retention emails

Send sales promotional email

Improving the deliverability of the email:

Checking the spam emails

Setting up authentication parameters

Warming up the IP address

Importance of optimizing emails on mobiles:

75% of smartphone users check email on mobiles

The open-rate on the smartphones is 49.53%

70% of recipients delete emails not optimized for mobiles

42.57% of emails are opened on iPhone

6.57% of emails are opened on android phone

Importance of optimizing emails on mobiles:

Unsubscribe rate

Open rate

Conversion rate

Bounce rate

Click-through rate

eCommerce emails to shoot sales:

Abandoned cart emails can recover 15% of the lost revenue

72% of people prefer emails as the primary communication mode

40% of online purchases were done on phone

Emails here give 4400% of ROI

Email marketing in eCommerce is 40x more successful than other campaigns

Email holds 15% of the total revenue

75% comes from the behavioral triggered revenue

Interesting facts about effective emails:

42% of the business email are overlooked

144.8 billion emails are delivered almost every day

86% of professionals prefer communication via email

The highest read subject line has 61-70 characters


Marketers send a good number of emails to keep in touch with their prospects, but not all emails are effective. One has to plan the strategy where the absolute email can be designed with the necessary elements, shooting up the conversions. One can use platforms such as social media and link it with the email which can help customers to know more about services.

Identifying the targeted customer, and building up the right strategy to target them are the initial steps leading to the conversion rate.