Email ROI Calculator

How effective are your emails in delivering the desired output?

As a marketer, you would have faced the challenge to prove the effectiveness of your email campaign and the ROI for your marketing efforts. Email marketing undoubtedly is the best form of marketing in major organizations as it facilitates a strong communication process, so it becomes essential for the marketer to have a strategic plan aimed to deliver the best results for their campaign.

Is your email marketing process on the right track?

To check whether your email marketing is on the right track we have the Email ROI calculator. The Email ROI calculator helps in finding out the effectiveness of your email marketing by considering all the factors such as open rate, click rate, conversion rate, and others.

Email Marketing ROI is now easy to calculate

Calculate Email Campaigns' ROI now with this easy to use tool.

Type of calculation

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Send volume
Open Rate
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Conversion Rate
Net conversion value
Total Costs

☆ Total costs include email marketing tools subscriptions, CRM licenses etc.


Total Opens
Total Clicks
Expected Conversion
Total Profit
$ 900
Total Revenue
Conversions to Break even
100(12.50 %)
Your ROI
60.00 %

Open rate:

Email open rate is the total number of subscribers in percentage, who opened the email campaign.
A healthy open rate is in the 20-40% range.
Open rate is Unique opens / delivered number x 100.

Click rate:

The click rate is the percentage of successfully delivered campaigns where at least one click has been registered.

Conversion rate:

Conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the number of visitors.
It is important to know the conversion rate as it allows to measure the performance of a website.
Conversion Rate (%) = No. of signups or purchases (conversions) / No. of Successfully Delivered Emails X 100

Net conversion value:

The net conversion value is the monetary value which a conversion adds to the email campaign profit.

How it works?

First select the type of calculation which can be yearly, monthly, etc.
Change the currency as per your requirements
Enter the send volume which is the number of emails you wish to send that specific year
Type the open rate which you expect from your recipient
Enter the click rate which you wish to have
Enter the conversion rate which you expect at the end
You can enter the net conversion value and total costs

Based on the above numbers and percentage, the calculator will generate the results such as

Total open, total clicks, expected conversion, total profit, revenue, conversions to break even and finally the ROI.

Email marketing gives the highest ROI when compared to other forms of marketing channels. Calculation of email marketing ROI is a necessity to know the performance of your email marketing campaigns. So, improve your marketing results for the overall growth of the company with our calculator.