5 Last-minute Email Marketing Tips for a Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday




The holiday season is approaching, are you ready to hit the inbox and break through the holiday noise to reach out to your targeted audience? Did you go through your final checklist? If no, then get the job done now. Give a final touch to your email marketing campaigns to see whether everything is in place or not.

Every year, consumers wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for lucrative offers at the convenience of online purchases. The scenario is perhaps the same and may be even more intense on the other end, the seller side. With strategies and targets made throughout the year, marketers and retailers anxiously eye on this time of the year to put all their plans into action. The previous year has been quite good for online businesses as they witnessed a massive rise in revenue counts. Willing to see the same magic work this year, marketers are ready with their most powerful marketing tool among the others.

Email marketing has never been a disappointing tool in generating leads, driving website traffic, increasing conversion rates and giving better ROI. Hence, even though social media marketing is gaining popularity, email campaigns still continue to hold its supremacy. So, if you want to advertise your business and its offerings in this holiday season to a wider range of customers, then building the right email message is what you need to work and focus on. So, are you ready with your email strategy? Think before you say yes. Anything can happen at the last moment so check whether you are missing anything or not.

Not understanding what to do?

Don't worry! Here we have listed five last-minute tips for you to help you stand out in the crowd with a perfect email campaign.

1. Do You Have a Goal?

Any marketing campaign, be it direct or indirect is born with a goal in mind. When you started planning a Black Friday or Cyber Friday campaign, you must be having a revenue target according to which you might have crafted your emails to address customers with best offers. Everything is set you may think but before clicking on that send button, make sure to review your goal and check if your campaign is aligning with it or not.

2. A Catchy subject line

Would you as a customer want to go through an email with a boring subject line? Your answer will be no, right? Then when you are in the shoes of a seller, don't forget about this attribute. Various studies reported that consumers are likely to open an email with a compelling headline than the one with dull one. So, before going ahead with the final copy of the campaign, ask yourself how compelling is the subject line of your message in influencing prospects to open your email. A good way to make the subject more engaging and attractive is by adding emojis to it. You need to be unique to stand out in the crowd of inbox on Thanksgiving Day.

3. Mobile Optimization for Email and Website View

Today, people consume more data on their mobile devices than any other. So, it is essential for marketers to have a mobile strategy at the utmost. But unfortunately, stats reveal an entirely opposite scenario. About 51 percent of marketers are still not having any full-fledged mobile optimization plan. If you are one of them, then you have to go back and change your strategy before the shopping season starts. So check well that whether your emails can be viewed on mobile devices or not should be a major inclusion in your checklist. Not only the email, the link to take visitors to your website emphasizes on the fact that both your email campaign and the website has to be optimized for the mobile view so that one can target the prospects who are mobile users.

4. Test and Then Conclude the Right Time to Send Emails

As such there is no generic date and time to send emails to prospects to get maximum conversions.Every customer is different as the industry, the field, the work they do, and their needs all vary from individual to individual. Hence a time perfect to send an email to a doctor may not be fit to send to an engineer. In that case, the only solution is marketers need to keep experimenting throughout the year to see which day and which hour of the day works for which consumer. But if you already know the right time then better you just go back and confirm it for better results.

5. Don't Forget to Clean Your List

Marketers often tend to ignore the importance of having a clean email list with updated and relevant data. As a result of that, most of their messages end up in the spam box or get delivered at the wrong address. So, before proceeding with your campaign, make sure that the list of your target audience is fresh and up-to-date. Invalid email addresses can ruin your Black Friday success dreams. So make it a priority to check the validity of the list of contacts you have in your procession.


Don't forget to go through your final preparations to check how effective they are going to be in making your holiday sale a hit.